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Using BNA Oligos to Advance Your Research

Are you looking to increase the stability of your oligos? Do you want better hybridization? Bio-Synthesis has the solution - an exclusive license for the patented Bridged Nucleic Acids (BNA3TM). BNA3TM oligonucleotides exhibit significantly higher affinity to their complementary strands when compared to previous generations of constrained nucleic acids. Their extraordinary level of sensitivity, specificity for nuclease-resistant activity, makes these multi-functional BNA3TM nucleic acids a superior tool for developing high value detection systems and therapeutic products.

  • Improved hybridization selectivity and specificity
  • Ideal for the detection of short RNA and DNA targets
  • Facilitate Tm normalization
  • Increased thermal stability
  • Capable of single nucleotide discrimination
  • Resistance to exo- and endonucleases resulting in high biological stability for in vivo and in vitro application
  • Superior antisense inhibition and potency

  • Antigene inhibition
  • Gapmer antisense research
  • RNAi research
  • Inhibition of RNA function
  • SNP detection /allele specific PCR
  • In situ hybridization
  • DNAzymes and Ribozymes

Bio-Synthesis also provides BNA Design Guidelines, as well as technical support.

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