Analytical Services

Analytical Services

Are you looking to get more information out of your sample? Let Bio-Synthesis' analytical services help paint you a clearer picture.

Analytical Services Include:

Amino Acid Analysis
Biological Fluid Analysis
Food Content Analysis
Mass Spectrometry
Peptide Profiling
Protein Sequencing
Supplement Analysis
Vitamin Analysis

Bio-Synthesis’ analytical laboratory is a GLP compliance facility offering high quality sample identification. You can enjoy the services using the industry-leading technologies-instruments, chemistry, software, and quantification tools -- that are specifically optimized for exceptional, application-focused performance. This end-to-end system is designed to deliver the accuracy and reliability you need. For more information regarding our services, please feel free to contact us.

We are currently running a discount on all large volume orders. Contact us today to receive your quote!

Analytical Services

Custom Synthesis Services :

Custom Peptide Services
Custom Antibody Services
Custom Oligo Services (BNA, DNA & RNA)
Custom Protein Expression Services
Service across Genomic, Proteomic and Cell Biology
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