What are Molecular Inversion Probes

Molecular Inversion Probes (MIPs) are single-stranded DNA molecules.

MIPs contain sequences on their ends complementary to two regions flanking the target sequence of up to several hundred base pairs (bp). MIPs allow for targeted resequencing of tens or hundreds of kilobases (KB) without the need for the preparation of genomic libraries. After hybridization to the target, gap-filling and ligation results in a
circular DNA molecule. This circular DNA molecule now contains the target sequence together with adaptor and barcoding sequences for downstream analysis.


  • Large-scale human SNP genotyping,
  • Resequencing large sets of human exons,
  • Detection of low-frequency variants,
  • Analysis of copy-number variation (CNV),
  • Accurate genotyping of similar prologs,
  • Quantification of alternative splicing, and
  • Medically relevant gene pools.