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There are many factors to consider when choosing the optimal system for protein expression and purification. Bio-Synthesis' Customer Protein Expression Services is just what you need!

Time-consuming and laborious production of functional proteins has made recombinant proteins an obstacle when seeking solutions for high throughput screening, functional validation and structure biology studies.

While researchers face a plethora of alternatives for the expression of the target protein, challenges concerning protein solubility and functionality remain.  Among these are different promoter strength, diverse expression host and constructs, or special culture conditions which play an important role in protein solubility. All of these factors can put severe pressure on researchers faced with producing large numbers of diverse proteins.

Bio-Synthesis' streamlined services can take your project directly from gene synthesis to generating stable cell line following by expression and purification. Our experienced and dedicated scientific staffs take pride to assist you to produce the proteins of your choice. Therefore, we make an effort to review and strategize a systematic approach to accomplish our goal to make our customers proud.
Recombinant Protein Services:
Biosyn Primer design, codon optimization, gene synthesis and cloning
Biosyn Expression vector construction in E. coli, baculovirus and mammalian systems
Biosyn Cell line selection and medium optimization
Biosyn Purification of proteins
Biosyn Protein Characterization
Biosyn Finished Product Formulation and Stability Testing
Additional services such as Assay Development, libraries and antibody production use full-length expressed protein instead of peptide antigen for immunization. Bio-Synthesis provides a full service from cDNA sourcing to affinity purified antibody production customized to your specifications.
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