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Bio-Synthesis Releases Updated Description for Peptide Synthesis
June 01, 2007
Bio-Synthesis has released an updated description for peptide synthesis; this allows peptide researchers to get a view of the broad spectrum of our capabilities:

Peptides are complex molecules and each peptide sequence is unique with regard to its chemical and physical properties. Peptides are synthesized by the solid-phase method using Fmoc chemistry on an Omega 396 multiple peptide synthesizer from Advanced ChemTech. The Core also uses an Applied Biosystems Model 431A Synthesizer for longer peptides. Synthesis is carried out at 50 µmole, 100 µmole or 250 µmole scales. On an average, a synthesis scale of 100 µmoles will yield about 50-70 mg of a 10-residue peptide and 100-150 mg of a 20-residue peptide depending on the substitution rating of the resin. The peptide synthesis service provides a complete spectrum of services that includes synthesis, cleavage, HPLC purification, peptide modifications, cyclization and mass analysis for quality assurance. Before submitting your peptide sequences to the Core, it is advisable to consider the following:

  • Every peptide sequence synthesized is a unique one. Some peptides sequences are difficult to synthesize although, they attempt to synthesize every peptide sequence.
  • Peptides with multiple cysteines, methionine, arginine and tryptophan residues can often be difficult to synthesize.
  • Avoid a proline residue at the C-terminal of the peptide.
  • The peptide will be de-protected and cleaved from the resin with 82.5-90% trifluoroacetic acid, partially purified, and lyophilized. The lyophilized material will be provided as a "crude" preparation. Turnaround time is about ten days to three weeks depending on the length of the peptide and purity level. When requested, the peptide will be purified further (see below).
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