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Antibodies from Bio-Synthesis – Tools for Immunoassay

When using antibodies in your research, you are often worried if they will work. Information like which protein would be appropriate for your antibody, how the specificity of the antibody has been characterized, what controls are necessary for immunostaining, and what quality control steps have been carried out with the antibody are important for your research and publication.
To bring peace of mind and confidence with your research project using our custom or catalog antibody, we provide:
High Specificity Stringent Quality Control and Validation
High Signal to Background Ratio Various Applicability
Single or Multiple Epitopes for Target Detection Strict Confidentiality
Catalog Antibodies (ReadyTM Antibody)
You can choose from:
3000 + unique, high quality catalog monoclonal & polyclonal antibodies
Many different host species applicable to all areas of biological research & drug discovery
Various categories of antibodies such as apoptosis antibodies, cancer antibodies, infectious diseases antibodies (e.g. HIV, SARS, Influenza etc.), neurobiology antibodies, signal transduction antibodies, stem cell antibodies etc
Custom Antibodies
You can choose from:
Single anti-peptide polyclonal antibody
Peptide phospho-specific antibody
Monospecific / characterized antibody
Custom immunoassay development
Multiple antigen peptide (MAP) antibody
Multiple peptide co-immunization
User-supplied antigen or create-your-own
Key Features:
Guaranteed titer of 1:20,000 or more using
Proprietary SP-MaxTM adjuvant, a new family of adjuvants with improved properties
Online Antigen IdentifierTM design tool
Various purification options: low-background
to affinity purifications
Dedicated project manager
SDS-PAGE analysis of purified sample
Amino acid analysis of conjugates
Antibody labeling
Diverse Applications:
Western blot or immunoblot
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Immunofluoresence (IF)
Immunocytochemistry (ICC)
Immunoprecipitation (IP)
Flow cytometry
Radioimmunoassay (RIA)
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