Bio-Synthesis Newsletter - Feb 2016

CRISPR-Cas Systems - Gene Editing with Synthetic RNA

CRISPR-Cas SystemsCRISPR based gene editing systems are now used around the world. Recent research indicates that optimized CRISPR-Cas systems are very useful for targeted gene editing. Synthetic messenger RNA for Cas9 proteins together with crRNA and tracrRNA or guide crRNA, can be directly delivered into cells with or without minimal off-target effects. Previously, researchers have been using DNA plasmids to insert Cas9 and guide RNA into cells. However, this approach can produce off-target effects that can create mutations in the targeted genes. Recently a research group in south Korea demonstrated that the direct transfer of in vitro pre-assembled Cas9 protein and guide complex together with a carrier molecule such as polyethylene glycol via endocytosis offers gene editing with minimal off-target effects. This approach favors the use of synthetic RNA as alternative tools for gene editing.

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TeixobactinTeixobactin is a new antibiotic peptide that was identified from soil using iChip technology. Only 1 % of all bacteria can be cultured. However, there are still a large amount of new bacterial antibiotic peptides in our soil to be discovered. The use of the iChip technology offers the potential for the discovery of more of these peptides. We offer a variety of options for custom synthesis of un-modified and modified peptides. Our optimized synthesis technology allows us to synthesize antibiotic peptides ranging from standard micro to macro high throughput custom peptides, peptide arrays and libraries. Special peptide modifications are also available in high quality.

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Primers for Zika Virus Diagnosis

Zika VirusUsually, the Zika virus is spread to people through mosquito bites. However, the virus has been reported to also be sexually transmitted. Recently, it was reported that a traveler coming back from an infected region to Texas became ill with the virus. According to the CDC common systems of Zika virus disease are fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes. However, the illness is usually a mild one. According to reports the recent outbreak of the disease in Brazil causes Guillain-Barré syndrome. Infected pregnant women can give birth to babies with birth defects and poor pregnancy outcomes.

The Zika virus (ZIKV) is a member of the Flaviviridae virus family. Genomic data can be used for the design or primers needed for virus detection by RT-PCR. Genomic information is available at Pubmed.

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RNA modifications

RNA modifications Many modifications are known to occur naturally in RNA molecules. Different types of modifications can have different functions including structural roles that take part in regulatory pathways. More and more naturally occurring modifications are now known to be present in RNA including tRNA, rRNA, mRNA, snRNA and as well as others. In addition to naturally occurring modifications artificial modification, such as BNA, can also be added too or inserted into RNAs. Adding selected modifications to RNA may enhance their biochemical functions, or act as molecular tools in biochemistry, biology, molecular biology, or molecular medicine. Furthermore, chemical devices, biophysical labels or tags and reporter groups can be designed. Typical applications are the creation of tools useful for the study of RNA folding, for therapeutics and drug discovery, and as antisense oligonucleotides, siRNA, for CRISPR systems, and many others.

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Chemically Synthesized Messenger RNA

We offer a variety of options for custom synthesis of messenger RNAs (mRNAs) for research. Special modification of nucleic acid bases are available. Our synthesis options range from micro to macro high throughput custom oligonucleotide synthesis to specialty oligonucleotide modifications, to ultra long oligonucleotides, as well as high quality bulk oligonucleotides.

We offer a variety

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