Bio-Synthesis offers Abberior STAR 470SX fluorescent dye oligonucleotide labeling by post-synthetic chemical modifications made to an oligonucleotide. This dye is use for long Stokes STED and 2-color STED applicationfor long Stokes STED and 2-color STED application and can be label to an oligonucleotide through the use of NHS Esters react with free primary amine modified oligonucleotide and result in stable, covalent attachment. A primary amine is therefore added to the oligo during synthesis to permit reaction with the desired NHS Ester. All post synthetic conjugation or labeling method require HPLC purification. PAGE purification is not offered for NHS Ester modifications as yields are further decreased and certain modifications can be damaged during PAGE purification. Contact Bio-Synthesis for Abberior STAR 470SX oligonucleotide labeling.

Product Information


Product Name:

Abberior STAR 440SX Fluor Dye Oligonucleotide Labeling

Absorption λmax:

475 nm (MeOH), 477 nm (PBS, pH 7.4)

Extinction Coefficient, ε(λ):

30,400 M-1cm-1, 22,700 M-1cm-1 (PBS, pH 7.4)



Delivery Format:


Shipping Conditions:

Room Temperature

Storage Conditions:

-20°C To -70°C
Oligonucleotides are stable in solution at 4°C for up to 2 weeks. Properly reconstituted material stored at -20°C should be stable for at least 6 months. Dried DNA (when kept at -20°C) in a nuclease-free environment should be stable for years.