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  Both DNA and RNA 5’-triphosphates (TP’s) play an important role as substrates for several biochemical events. DNA polymerases and NTP’s are used for gene synthesis. RNA Triphosphate oligo’s are used to ligate RNA molecules to detect viral responses and to induce antiviral immunity in the enzymatic synthesis of m7G-5’-capped RNA’s. This is a necessary addition for mRNA stability prior to leaving the cell nucleus. More recently, Poeck et.al., showed that the immune response activated by triphosphate modified RNA binding to RIG-1(Retinoic acid-induced protein I) work together in synergy with gene silencing mediated by small interfering RNAs (siRNA’s).

BSI provides a robust, reproducible, and scalable method for the solid-phase synthesis of these 5'-triphosphates modified oligonucleotides. Also available are their chemically modified analogues containing different 5'-terminal nucleotides, with and without internal sugar -backbone modifications. These polymers are further purified by ion-exchange HPLC and quality checked to >90% by CE, coupling efficiency profile and UV spectral data also included.
DNA and DNA Ubermer >300 bases
RNA and RNA ubermer >120 bases
RNA and DNA analog synthesis
Bioconjugation: Oligo-Enzyme, Oligo-Antibody, Oligo-Peptide Conjugates
Oligo Labeling, Immobilization
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  Reference: Nature Medicine 14, 1256 - 1263 (2008)  
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