Long RNA Transcription Synthesis

Bio-Synthesis Celebrates 30th Anniversary with extra savings on Long RNA

Bio-Synthesis provides custom long RNA molecular controls generated from a DNA template containing a bacteriophage promoter, a plasmid or PCR product and cDNA. Synthesizing long RNA by in vitro transcription is very economical, offering high yield and superior quality with a capability of producing long transcripts of >3,000 bases.

Each in vitro transcribed long RNA oligo is meticulously monitored starting from template synthesis to the verification of the subcloned gene by restriction digest and 100% sequencing, GUARANTEED.

These long oligos can be used in variety of molecular biology applications such as:
  • RNA control template for Real-Time PCR
  • Antisense technology
  • Internal controls for house-keeping genes
  • External RNA spike-in control assays
  • In-situ Hybridization RNA probes
  • Expression control via anti-sense RNA
  • RNA template for in vitro translation
  • RNA structural studies (Protein-RNA binding)
  • Ribozyme biochemistry
  • Aptamer discovery (SELEX)

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