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  • Oligonucleotide Synthesis

    Multigram DNA, RNA Synthesis
    Ultra Long Oligonucleotide Sequences
    Comprehensive modifications
    Oligo Biomolecular Conjugation
    Circular Oligo Synthesis

  • Peptide Synthesis

    Flexible Synthesis Scale and Formulation
    Ultra Long Peptides >150 aa
    Comprehensive Modifications
    Large Catalog Peptides Library
    ISO 9001 Certified

  • Bridged Nucleic Acids (BNA)

    Strong Biological Stability
    High Affinity and Selectivity to DNA, RNA
    Ideal for Detecting Short RNA and DNA Targets
    Superior A​ntisense Inhibition and Potency
    Superior Hybridization Selectivity Over PNA & LNA

  • Molecular Services from Gene to Protein

    Long RNA/mRNA Oligos Gene Expression
    Vector Production Protein Expression
    Custom Cloning qPCR Services
    sRNA Gene Synthesis