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Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are a class of compounds formed from non-enzymatic reactions of proteins with glucose, mannose and other reducing sugars.1 Prolonged exposure of proteins to glucose as in the case of diabetics have been attributed to increased AGEs formation.2a AGEs are formed when a sugar reacts with an amino group of a protein, to form a Schiff base which rearranges into an Amadori product as in the case of hemoglobin A1c.2b

As a result, N-glycated peptides have received high priority to serve as biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of diabetes by monitoring progress and evaluating the efficacy of its therapy.

Most N-glycated peptides are synthesized by incubating fully deprotected peptide with excess of D-glucose.3 This method is not site specific and yields multiple products which are difficult to purify. In order to circumvent this problem, researchers have incorporated a protected amino fructose into the side chain of lysine by reductive alkylation using 2,3:4,5-di-O-isopropylidene-b-D-arabino-hexos-2-ulo-2,6-pyranose.1 This method yields site selective products at higher purity.3

Bio-Synthesis, Inc., a leading manufacturer of custom peptides, is currently offering N-glycated peptide fragments from HSA, hemoglobin A, fibrinogen and other peptides for your research.

We are also offering Nα-Fmoc-Lys[Nε-(2,3:4,5-Di-O-Isopropylidene-1-Deoxyfructopyranosyl), Nε-Boc]-OH.

Also see our new catalog for N-glycated peptides

Biomedical Applications of Glycopeptides
Diagnostics – Glycated peptides can serve as biomarkers to monitor the onset of diseases such as hyperglycemia, diabetes and its complications. Studies have shown that in diabetic patients, proteins including Hemoglobin A, Human Serum Albumin (HSA), Fibrinogen are extensively glycated.4
Diseases Therapy – age–related neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis have been associated with increased AGE’s formation. Glycopeptides can therefore serve as biological markers to evaluate the efficacy of disease therapy.4
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About Bio-Synthesis, Inc.

Bio-Synthesis is a leading global manufacturer of high quality custom peptides and oligonucleotides. Our experts have enabled us to provide clients with the ability to design and manufacture advanced glycosylated and carbohydrate modified peptides for biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and research applications. We continue to maintain integrity and professionalism as we serve our clients in areas spanning from proteomics to cell biology.

Bio-Synthesis has developed a reputation for both small and large scale synthesis using optimal processes that meet your specifications. Being a US based company, all of our products are exclusively manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities in Lewisville, Texas.

1. Stefanowicz et al. Amino Acids, 2010 38; 881-889
2. (a) Sing et al. Diabetologia, 2001 44; 129-146 (b) Peppa et al. Clinical Diabetes, 2003 21; 186-187
3. Hoffmann et al. J. Pept. Sci. 2007 13; 862-867
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