Large Volume IgG Purification
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High Recovery, Large Volume IgG Purification Services

Need high recovery and large volume purified antibody in a hurry but short of funding? Bio-Synthesis can save you time and money!

Bio-Synthesis offers large volume IgG purification services in 2-5 days at unbeatable prices in the market. Our expertise in antibody purification and continuous improvement in R&D, we have developed super protein A affinity chromatography for batch/gravity purification of polyclonal and monoclonal antibody from cell culture, supernatants, serum, and ascites, or any other biological fluid containing antibodies.

  • Scale: From 100 mls to greater than 100 liters
  • Quality Control: SDS gel; UV quantification. Western Blotting (optional)
  • Turnaround: 2-5 days*
  • Delivered: liquid/solid

* larger volume may require longer time.

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Offer is valid until the end of October 2012 Promo ID: AB0801103112

Tell us about your project and we will reply with a quote along with detailed information regarding your custom production! Enter a known colleague of yours that readily uses IgG purification products and services and receive a discount of 5% off your next order through our Colleagues and Friends Referral Program !
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