Nucleic Acids Anniversary Sale

Nucleic Acids 30th Anniversary Sale!

In celebration of our 30th anniversary in the production of Nucleic Acids, we are extending a special offer to our customers of up to 25% discount.

Bio-Synthesis offers many options for oligonucleotide synthesis ranging from standard to specialty long oligo synthesis, modifications in a variety of synthesis scales and an extensive range of purification, formats and packaging.

Our services include:

  • Modified DNA oligonucleotides, PCR/qPCR probes, Chimeric DNA, other analogs
  • RNA , 2'-OMe-RNA, siRNA, Long RNA by in vitro transcription
  • Bridged Nucleic Acid (BNA), BNA gapmer antisense, BNA PCR clamp
  • Gene Synthesis, cloning, molecular biology services
  • Oligo-beads conjugation, Oligo-agarose conjugate, Antibody-oligo conjugation
  • And more!

Bio-Synthesis, home of BNA3TM

Mention Promo Code OLIGO12312013 on your next quote request and receive up to 25% off all Custom Oligo Services.

Up to
25% Off

* Not valid on previous orders. Offer expires December 31, 2013.

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