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Have you been frustrated with orders that are poor in quality and slow in delivery?

As one of the pioneers in providing chemical biology tools to the life science community, Bio-Synthesis continually sets the industry standard in delivering your bioreagents that are high quality and affordable within a fast turnaround time. We constantly strive to meet and exceed your expectations everyday with new innovations and improved technology. All of our products are exclusively manufactured in US following independent QC (quality control), QA (quality assurance) procedures to double guarantee the highest quality bioreagent we deliver.

Our integrated bioreagent solutions include:

  • Peptides- Special modifications, long peptides, peptide libraries and expressed peptide in 5 days*
  • Antibodies- epitope prediction, conjugation, immunization and purification, ELISA, labeling
  • Bioconjugation- biomolecule synthesis, modification, labeling, conjugation and immobilization
  • Carbohydrates- disaccharides to hexasaccharides, glycosylation, chemical modifications
  • Oligos- long RNA, DNA, oligomimetics, labeling, modifications, and bioconjugation
  • Molecular Biology Services-Gene synthesis, subcloning, mutagenesis, protein expression
  • Bioanalytical-Luminex assay, proteomic analysis, cell line authentication

25% off any 2 custom projects when ordered at same time

*Certain restriction may be applied. Valid until the end of December 2012
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