Powerful Hybridization-Based Probes

Real-Time PCR Probes

Real-time PCR is one of the most powerful hybridization-based diagnostic assays in use today. Real-time PCR allows one to detect and measure the progress of PCR as reactions occur using spectrofluorometric thermo-cyclers. This assay typically uses DNA probes which fluoresce as DNA amplification progresses. Bio-Synthesis offers a vast variety of qPCR probes, including our new generation of BNA probes with superior universal IQ4 non-fluorescent quencher. We are currently offering a summer special on all of our qPCR probes.

Bio-Synthesis provides a complete array of fluorescent reporters and quenchers. Our products include common dye modifiers such as 6-FAM, HEX and TET, as well as exotic modifications. We can directly attach fluorescent dyes to oligos at the 5'-end, 3'-end and at the internal positions of an oligonucleotide during synthesis. When certain modifications (such as Digoxigenin and some fluorescent dyes) are not available for direct incorporation, cross-linking two molecules by using a specific functional group such as an amine, thiol or azide modified oligonucleotide with certain cross linkers, are employed. All post synthetic conjugations require HPLC purification.

All qPCR probes include:

  • Synthesis of the custom oligos up to 30 bases in length
  • Deprotection, desalting and HPLC purification (>85% pure)
  • A wide range of dye and quencher options
  • QC by MALDI-TOP Mass Spectrometry, PAGE and Fluoroscan
Comparative qPCR probe performance

Comparative qPCR probe performance:
(A) BSI probe, (B) Identical probe made by competitor.

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