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Ultra Long RNA as Molecular Controls

The ability to synthesizes target RNA such as mRNA is critical for certain molecular biology techniques and genomic studies. Whether you need research-grade RNA or a control template for molecular assays, Bio-Synthesis provides a wide variety of modifications such as fluorescent labels, end capped modifications or RNA with modified nucleosides. Bio-Synthesis has the track record and expertise to provide high quality RNA that is unmatched by other suppliers.

Bio-Synthesis has met the challenge of providing thousands of chemically synthesized long RNA and RNA transcripts (3,000 bases and higher) around the world. Over the years, Bio-Synthesis has fine-tuned its RNA manufacturing process, which allows to offer its customers with the most challenging long RNA synthesis in the industry. Each in vitro transcribed Ultramer RNA transcript is meticulously monitored during synthesis and controlled according to Bio-Synthesis’s stringent quality assurance and quality control standards. We are committed to Total Quality Management (TQM) to assure customers' complete satisfaction.

Our services include:

  • Unmodified RNA transcripts: Suitable for biochemical assays, structure studies or used as RNA probes.
  • Modified bases: 5-Me-CTP, pseudo-UTP and other modified NTPs
  • Terminal Capping:m7G(5')ppp(5')G (mCAP, Anti Reverse Cap Analog (ARCA), poly A or poly(dT), fluorescent dye incorporation.
  • Other modifications: Poly A or poly(dT), fluorescent dye incorporation.
  • Process optimization: For scales up to multi-gram quantity
  • High Quality: Stringent quality control with optional custom assay development and validation
  • Flexible Solutions:Transcripts from plasmids, PCR products, oligonucleotides and cDNA. Delivered normalized and lyophilized

How long is your RNA? With Bio-Synthesis, there is no limit.

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