Long RNA Oligo Synthesis
Long RNA Oligo Synthesis

Long RNA Oligo Synthesis - Tools for Molecular Synthetic Control

Long RNA oligo synthesis is used in the production of Synthetic long RNA oligos for a variety of applications ranging from understanding the function of newly discovered genes to gene analysis. Long RNA oligos function as positive controls for sensitive molecular diagnostic tools and the development of medical therapeutics. Bio-Synthesis offers chemical long RNA synthesis (up to 300 bases) or Long RNA transcripts up to kilobases from a DNA template . These ready-to-use custom RNA fragments include custom mRNA, tRNA, or other long noncoding RNA (lncRNA). Bio-Synthesis also provides RNA oligo services for a wide range of modifications and labels.

Bio-Synthesis has optimized the chemical synthesis of long RNA. Every long RNA oligonucleotide manufactured at Bio-Synthesis undergoes quality control analysis by PAGE, HPLC and/or MS. All RNA oligonucleotides are packaged using our proprietary RNaseSAFE™ service, in which RNA oligos are packaged in RNase and DNase free matrix tubes to prevent degradation during shipping and storage and safeguard the biological activity of RNA oligos.

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Long RNA Synthesis

While there has been significant demand for solid phase synthesis of long RNA fragments such as miRNA, shRNA in gene structure and functional studies, the ability to synthesize longer RNA oligos is highly sequence-dependent. This is due to the potential for secondary structure formation and the inherent difficulty for chemical synthesis with additional 2'-OH reactive group of RNA which introduces considerable complexity to RNA synthesis. Therefore,an effective RNA oligo synthesis method for longer RNA is an important basic technology for further advancement of RNA related research.

Bio-Synthesis has met the challenge of synthesizing thousands of long RNA Oligonucleotides of up to 300 bases or RNA transcripts from a DNA template. We use the best reagents available and proprietary methods to optimized synthesis protocols in a state-of-art RNA synthesis facility. Each RNA oligo is meticulously monitored during synthesis and undergoes stringent quality assurance and quality control standards. The final product is identified by LC-MS Electrospray, sequencing or other custom analytical methods. Purity is analyzed by high throughput capillary gel or PAGE electrophoresis.


Long RNA oligos are used in variety of molecular biology applications:

  • RNA control template for real-time PCR
  • mRNA for gene expression
  • Quantitative control for qPCR
  • Internal controls for house-keeping genes
  • External RNA spike-in control assays
  • In-situ Hybridization RNA probes
  • Expression control via anti-sense RNA
  • RNA template for in vitro translation


All Bio-Synthesis oligos undergo desalting and deprotection at no additional charge.We strongly recommend that oligonucleotides longer than 50 bases be purified by RNase free poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE).

Minimum Yield

Yield will vary based upon base composition, purification, oligo length, scale and modifications. That's why we have a set a guaranteed quantity.

Guaranteed Quality

Oligos are checked for length, purity, and composition. Long RNA oligos are quality checked by PAGE, ESI-MS, and/or CE. Our quality control capabilities include MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS), capillary electrophoresis (CE), and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). If you report an oligo problem within 30 days of order receipt, we will gladly remake your oligo free of charge or provide a credit for the purchase amount.

All orders are shipped with a Quality Assurance document that includes measured yields, melting temperature, MW and µg/OD with every oligo.

Long RNA Oligonucleotide as Synthetic Pre-miRNA-Based shRNA

Bio-Synthesis provides synthesis of oligo ultramer and modification with flexible synthesis scales for your individual research needs. The ability to synthesize RNA oligos is critical to many laboratory techniques. Radiolabeled and nonisotopically labeled RNA probes can be used in blot hybridization and nuclease protection assays. Modified RNA can be used for various biochemical and molecular biology studies. RNA can also be used as a control for gene expression analysis (microinjection, infection with viral transcripts, in vitro translation), structure analysis (protein-RNA binding), and RNA -based diagnostic testing and drug development.

Long RNA Specifications:

  • Long RNA oligos up to 300 bases
  • RNase free PAGE purified
  • Delivered normalized and lyophilized
  • Packaged in an inert chemical matrix - inactivated and stabilized during sample handling
  • Ideal for gene functional analysis and the development of medical therapeutics
Product Purification Format Length Pricev
10 µg Purified Ubermer RNA Oligos 91- 150 RNase Free PAGE Purified Tube 91-150 bases Inquire
20 µg Purified Ubermer RNA Oligos 91- 150 RNase Free PAGE Purified Tube 91-150 bases Inquire
5 µg Purified Ubermer RNA Oligos 151-250 RNase Free PAGE Purified Tube 151-250 bases Inquire
10 µg Purified Ubermer RNA Oligos 151-250 RNase Free PAGE Purified Tube 151-250 bases Inquire

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Available Modifications

  Modifications  Price
5' Amino Modifier C12 Inquire for Pricing
5' Biotin Inquire for Pricing
m7GTP Inquire for Pricing
Phosphorothioate Bond Inquire for Pricing
2' O-Methyl RNA bases Inquire for Pricing
3' Amino Modifier Inquire for Pricing
5' 5-Methyl dC Inquire for Pricing
5' 5-Methyl dC Inquire for Pricing
Int 5-Methyl dC Inquire for Pricing
3' Phosphorylation Inquire for Pricing

Contact us for modification not listed above, in most cases we can help!

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