• With advances in in vitro transcription (IVT) technology as well as in delivery vehicles including polymeric- and lipid-based nanoparticles, interest has surged in the use of mRNA molecules as therapeutics for human diseases, including vaccines against infectious agents, cancer therapy, treatment of genetic disorders, regenerative medicine, and immunotherapies
  • Bio-Synthesis, Inc. provides high quality, affordable custom mRNA synthesis service (up to several kilobases) from microgram-scale to milligram-scale with the option for multiple RNA modifications. Our in-house enzymes offer high mRNA capping efficiency to generate cap-1 product that ensures the highest level of translation and minimal levels of immunogenicity.


  • Design, synthesis and sequence verification of mRNA templates using pUC (default) vector
  • Adding cap-1 (m7G(5')ppp(5')N(m) and polyA tail to increase mRNA stability and translation efficiency
  • Reduces host immune response by incorporating modified nucleotides (5mCTP and ψUTP)
  • DNase treatment to remove template DNA
  • Purification using oligo(dT) agarose beads
  • Wide range of synthesis scales (from microgram to multi-gram)
  • Fully traceable ISO compliance documentation system.
  • Fast Turnaround (3-5 weeks)


  • PAGE gel to confirm the size and purity of mRNA
  • ESI-MS mass spectrometry to confirm cap-1 efficiency (optional)