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Bio-Synthesis’s explicit commitment to long-term continuous research and development has paid off with cost-effective methods of synthesis for your PNA needs. With multiple sizes, scales, and wide range of modifications, we provide quality, flexibility, and speed. Our PNA products and services consist of synthesis, conjugation, and oligo chimeras. Our team of expert chemists are available to help you arrive at the best design and synthesis strategies to meet your research goals.


  • FREE PNA design and self complimentary check
  • Multi-scale synthesis (nmoles to mmoles)
  • Comprehensive QC Analyses by HPLC and MALDI-TOP mass spectrometry
  • Ability to handle projects of all sizes
  • Explicit commitment to long-term continuous improvements and competitive prices
  • Fast delivery with high throughput capacities
Unmodified PNA
Unmodified PNA refers to

PNA without any labels or fluorophores

attached to it, but they have the N terminal free or blocked.
Unmodified PNA Unmodified PNA with Options
Free Amine   Addition of Lysine
  The PNA molecule contains a free primary amine at the N terminus. This free primary amine permits users to introduce modifications.     The addition of one or more lysine to either N or C-terminus of a PNA molecule provides a positive charge into the PNA and increases water solubility and cellular uptake.
Acetylated:   Addition of Solubility Enhancer
  The PNA molecule contains an acetyl groups at the N-terminus which blocks any further activity at the N-terminus.     Solubility enhancer which do not bring any charge to molecular but enhances solubility can be added at the C or N terminus.
Alkylation   Linker Addition
  The PNA molecule contains an alkyl group at the N terminus.     O-Linker can also be used to increase the solubility of PNA in water. Normally, linkers are added to the N-terminus, where a user can attach it's own label.
PNA Modifications
For target detection, in situ detection or other applications, we can attach your PNA molecule with a variety of fluorophores including but not limited to the list below. BSI is continuously developing new labelings and modifications. If a modifications or labelings is not listed below, please inquire. It may be available as a product under development or we may be able to add it to our list of research and development projects.
Modified PNA Modified PNA with Options
Texas Red, Biotin, FITC
Dansyl, Digoxigenin, Cy3
and Cy5.
  Linkage at the N-Terminus, via O-linker and many others.
      Linkage at the C-Terminus, via a Lys/Cys added as the last residue of the PNA sequence.
Please contact us for any other label specific to your needs.

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