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Antibody Modification

Antibody Modification, Labeling and Bioconjugation Services

Bio-Synthesis offers antibody modifications, antibody bioconjugation and antibody labeling using a wide range of modification methods. The antibody modification options include reporter conjugation and antibody fragmentation. Labeling antibodies with enzymes, fluorochromes or biotin, provides a signal for visualization or quantitation of the target molecule. Antibody bioconjugation services, including antibodies bound to agarose, are useful for separating a target antigen from a complex mixture, or conjugating an antibody to a biopolymer such as oligonucleotides, antibody-drug conjugates or many other small molecules. To avoid excessive background staining and improve sensitivity, only purified antibodies should be used for staining. At a minimum, the IgG fraction, which contains naturally occurring immunoglobulins and specific antibodies, should be isolated from the antiserum. This can be done by various purification methods, usually involving a combination of fractionation and chromatography. Our high-quality modification services provide clients with results they can trust for their experiments and other downstream applications.

To obtain further information, contact us. We supplie a Polyclonal Antibody Information Sheet with each inquiry to assist in meeting customer specifications.