Site Specific and Structure Peptide Modification Services
Site Specific and Structure Peptide Modification Services

With over 20 years of practical peptide synthesis and research experience, we have developed highly specific expertise with modified and difficult to synthesize peptides. With a diverse range of modifications available for peptides, BSI routinely meets our clients' specifications with unusual, custom made peptides.To deliver top quality peptide solutions, Bio-Synthesis utilizes a wide range of chemistries such as solid and solution phase methodology, including tactical protecting strategies such as Fmoc, t-Boc and Cbz. These specialized methodologies enable us great versatility for site-specific modifications such as biotinylation, acetylation, cyclization, amidation, phosphoryation, fatty acid attachment and more.

All custom peptide synthesis and modification services includes:

  • HPLC Analysis
  • MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry
  • Certificate of Analyses
  • *Optional services: Amino acid Analysis and Sequencing
N-Terminus Modifications
Acetylation Palmitoylation Steroylation
Formylation Succinylation Biotin (short or long chain)
Fatty acid Benzyloxycarbonyl Fluorescent Dye Labeling
Myristoylation Dinitrophenyl Dabcyl, Dabsyl, Dansyl
Cinnamoylation N-Methyl DOTA & DTPA (metal Chelators)
Internal Modificaitons
Biotin Dabcyl, Dabsy, Dansyl Disulfide Cyclization
Fluorescein Phosphorylation  
C-Terminal Modifications
Amidation p-Nitroanilide AMC (for fluorogenic substrates)
EDANS Ester (methyl, ethyl ) Hydrazide
Peptide Aldehydes Substituted Amide Thiol Esters
Branched MAP Peptide    
Specialty Peptide Synthesis
Stapled Constrained Peptides Heavy Isotope Labeling Fluorescent Labeled Peptide
Unusual Amino Acids PEGylation Side-Chain Linked (β-Asp, γ-Glu, ε-Lys)
Glycosylation Lipids (farnesyl,stearoyl) Peptide Enzyme Labeling
Peptide-DNA Conjugation Peptide-BNA Conjugation Peptide-RNA Conjugation
Peptide-Protein Conjugation Peptide-Matrix Immobilization  

This is not an exhaustive list and we will be pleased to discuss the synthesis of any modified peptide you require.

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