Long Peptides

Need a very long peptide? Bio-Synthesis has a track record for synthesizing biologically active long peptides (> 150 amino acids in length) with the purity and speed previously only possible with shorter peptides. Producing these long peptides was previously performed using recombinant DNA methods. However, due to likelihood of endotoxin contamination, these methods can be problematic. Chemical synthesis offers lower toxicity in downstream applications. Custom long synthesis is carried out using optimal ligation and fragment condensation methods.

Long peptides are often used for structural analysis by electron paramagnetic resonance, NMR, and xray crystallography or are immobilized as bait in affinity chromatography. As quantity and purity requirements particularly for xray crystallography are high, the success of each synthesis has been a function of the amino acid sequence and of the synthesis strategy used. The challenge of long peptides is to overcome the enormous cumulative effect of the yield. Synthetic inefficiencies associated with peptide aggregation, such as slow or incomplete coupling and/or deprotection reactions, illustrate the complexity that often arises. Through the use of fragment synthesis and chemical ligation technology by which the unprotected peptide chains react chemo-selectively in aqueous solution. The most common form of chemical ligation involves a peptide thioester that reacts with a terminal cysteine residue. This synthesis strategy is routinely implemented within our synthesis platform. Peptides can be synthesize up to 150 a,a, longer peptide can be made through recombinant peptide technology.

All Bio-Synthesis specialty peptides are provided in the highest purity (>95%), with a full range of analyses including LC-MS (trap and/or quad), MALDI-MS, HPLC, AAA, NMR, CE, as well as peptide content determination to confirm the identity and demonstrate the high quality of our custom long peptides.

Documentation and Packaging

Each peptide is shipped with a Certificate of Analysis based on up-to-date analysis of the peptide. The Certificate of Analysis includes details of the peptide, the quantity and purity supplied, and helpful information on the solubility of the peptide in the buffers used during purification.

All purified peptides also include a printout of the analytical HPLC profile and electrospray MS data. Peptides are also shipped with ‘A guide to handling peptides’ and ‘Interpreting the results of peptide analysis.’

BSI's peptides are packed under dry argon gas to minimize oxidation or other types of degradation during shipment and storage. After opening, we recommend peptides are stored dry in a freezer (details given in our technical guide to handling peptides; a copy is shipped with each peptide).

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