Shipment delivery beat expectations and ordering was simple.
Chris Mustacci, Mirus Bio
We're satisfied with the product though yield/amount was not very high (it was acceptable and within quoted range).
Subha Das, Carnegie Mellon University
Very responsive staff, great communication, and technically excellent product. Expect to be a return customer.
William F. Simonds, MD, NIDDK/ NIH
Both materials were received today in good condition and quality as expected. Thank you for the fast turnaround time!
Richard Dambra, Boehringer Ingelheim
We have incorporated the items we purchased and so far we have had successful results. We are in process of ordering more. We have been very happy with the ordering process as well.
Arcan Guven, BERG LLC
Gret customer service. The product came before the expected time.
Horacio Bach, University of british Columbia
"I was very pleased with the work BioSynthesis did for me. My interactions with representatives of BioSynthesis were professional. The results of the test were exactly what I expected to see, which indicates to me that the laboratory is high quality. I will use BioSynthesis again if I need to do another amino acid analysis."
Kevin Wilkinson, Wilkinson Scientific
There was an instance where I was given data with an error on all measurements. However, with prompting, the company allowed repeat testing of those samples.
Hannah Molitor, University of Iowa
It's awesome that you could incorporate two modified bases in one synthetic oligonucleotides. The M/S result shows very nice peak. Thanks.
Mu-Sen Liu, The University of Texas at Austin
I had questions about diluting and storing our peptides, and the sales person was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Cindy Bell, Biomere
We've been doing business with Biosynthesis for about 10 years and every time we place new orders we receive them faster than the time before. Quotes come in very promptly when requested and I can always expect followup emails for quality assurance with every purchase. EnviroLogix has felt a strong loyalty from Biosynthesis and we fully intend to reciprocate. Thank you very much being a great business partner.
Adam Johnson, EnviroLogix Inc
The communication with the sales representatives and the fast delivery were excellent. We will be glad to continue working with your company.
Sandra Voels, Hebrew University Jerusalem
Ashley was professional, prompt, and very helpful. Results were clear and of excellent quality. Will definitely use BioSynthesis again.
B. Lane - AST
The order is as expected and is working beautifully
D. Kellis - Boise State University
We have ordered numerous oligos and have never been disappointed. Overall excellent service
P. Bonin - Pfizer
Timely service. Pleasant customer service reps/scientists. Results were clear and well organized
Anthony, Impossible Foods
The BNA oligonucleotide you made for us works great and we would like to order larger scale synthesis.
Oleh Petriv - ABCellera
A very constructive experience. I received valuable guidance and recommendations on product design as well as ideas for subsequent use of the product.
T. Blanchard - University of Maryland
The strands worked great! I am now looking to purchase more strands to finish my project.
Brittany - Boise State University
I just wanted to let you know that we tested the peptides we ordered from your company and they worked extremely well. We are happy with the quick turnaround and the quality of the peptides, which we had struggled with when working with other companies. We will most certainly keep y'all in our minds for future orders.
J. Avila, Torii Lab, HHMI, Univ. of Washington
My aptamers just arrived back here at Duke. Thank you so much for getting this additional purification taken care of in such a speedy fashion! Additionally, please convey my great thanks to Aaron Castro for the note and empty tube included. It was very, very helpful. The level of customer service I have received is exceptional; I will be sure to highly recommend Biosynthesis to my boss for all our synthesis needs.
E. Soule
This is Vera from Entrogen Inc. We have been using your BNAs with success. We are now interested in any product/custom synthesis you may have for increasing primer sensitivity/binding affinity.
V. Diaz - Entrogen Inc.
Thanks Ashley! We are very happy so far. We speced the RNA and had 24 ug. We will order more IVTs in the future! Thanks, Astrid
A. Schroeder - GenMark Diaghnostics
Ashely, The in vitro transcribed material looked great, and the quantification you provided correlates perfectly with our expect RT-qPCR results.
M. Angelichio - IDEXX Laboratories
We are happy – The peptide arrived promptly, our Ab was successfully affinity purified & your documentation was good. Thanks, cheers.
S. Lewis - Banyan Biomarkers
We received the peptide today. Thank you very much! We appreciate the timely delivery.
Bhamini - Boehringer ingelheim
Thanks for checking. Yes, we have done some experiments in vitro with the peptide which worked great. We are now in the process of using it In vivo.
H. Singh
Hi, Ashley. Thanks for the follow up. I have tested and validated the 7-methylguanosine triphosphate protein conjugates you shipped, and they both looked great. We are about to use them for downstream experiments. I’m very pleased with the quality of work that Biosynthesis does. In fact, I’m about to ask you for quotes for a couple of new conjugates! Talk with you soon,
Thank for your follow up, we incorporated the peptide into on going project. It work nicely.
Many thanks for your reply. Sales manager (Angela Ragan) was very helpful providing fast quoting and offers. I was happy about the fast turnaround and extensive QC data that I received with the oligos. I sent part of them to a collaborator and we already got very interesting data with them. On my side I am testing them right know for different applications, in order to study differential binding of proteins. I will very soon to order more modified RNA oligos to answer follow up questions derived from these studies.
C. Galan - Max-Planck Institute
Peptides arrive on time and they are fabulous. I appreciate the follow-up and will definitely contact you with questions and concerns as they arise. Thank you for the heads up the publication-discount voucher. So far, our experience with Bio-Synthesis has been exceptional (quality, timeliness, customer service).
Stella North - US Naval Research Laboratory
I am very impressed with the speed of your synthesis and shipment, and the purity/QC analysis of the products. We just began our experiments with the peptides yesterday, and will keep you posted on any new “developments”. I am looking forward to working together in the future.
J. Mester
Thank you for your inquiry. The peptide from your company is of very good quality and we are very satisfied. Bio-Synthesis will be our lab's first choice if we have more peptide to synthesize in the future.
F. Yi
Hi Ashley. I was very pleased with the results. It was easy to compare to the DSMZ database. And, I was able to confirm that most of my cell lines were not cross-contaminated or mis-identified. But, I was also able to detect that one of my cell lines was mis-identified. All in all, I appreciated the rapid results. I have been recommending your service to colleagues all week. Thanks.
"I wanted to personally let you know how pleased I was working with you and your company for my custom peptide synthesis. From the first phone call to the e-mail notification of shipping and delivery I felt fully informed. I can clearly tell that customer satisfaction is a priority for your company and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you again for all of your help and I will keep you updated on how the peptides perform."
Scientist, The Wistar Institute
"Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you that we are beginning to accumulate lots of data using the affinity purified, peptide antisera from Biosynthesis. We are using the antibodies to detect our proteins in immuno-localizations and visualizing with the transmission electron microscope using a secondary, anti-rabbit ab conjugated to 5 nm-gold beads. Our collaborators in Canada are also having the same type of success with the affinity purified sera I sent onto them. Unfortunately, I can't share any images with you, but some of the data has enabled me to complete an ongoing project. I will be presenting this data on Thursday am at the ASM conference in Atlanta. We hope to have the paper submitted soon. I'll keep you updated on any publications as they come. Thanks again Our back and forth communications last November to pick sequences that wouldn't cross-react in our genome appears to be worth every second of time. Almost all of the individual peptide antibodies are very specific. Time well spent! Thanks again"
"It was a great pleasure doing business with your company. Your employees were very helpful during this whole process. I have passed on your company's info to a student in our laboratory who may be generating an antibody via peptide synthesis. I will certainly keep Biosynthesis in mind for future peptide synthesis/antibody generation."
Researcher, University of Virginia
"I am always impressed with how quickly you respond to my inquiries. You are the best in the business. You make ordering peptides easy."
University of Arkansas
“I am very happy with the primers you generated.”
Researcher, The Rockefeller University
"By using the Oligo primer as well as other primers I ordered from your company, I got the experimental result as expected. So I appreciate the quality of your products and I will recommend it to my coworkers and won't hesitate to ask you next time when I need new primers."
Researcher, UT Southwestern Medical Center
"We have been using your peptides for some time now and have always been pleased with them. Keep up the good work."
Researcher, University of Arkansas for Medical Sci
"As always I have been impressed with the quality of your products (and more so the great pricing!).... I have been able to use them very successfully in my experiments."
Researcher, University of Massachusetts Amherst
"I hope you are doing well. I was very pleased with the quality of the analytical work and the timely service provided to me by BioSynthesis. I have two more samples of synthetic peptides to send for mass spectral analysis."
K. Bruns
“Thank you for following up with the purchase. The oligos are great! I ran PCR for various cre mice as well as mice with EGFP cells and our results were very clear and clean so we are very happy with your product. Thank you very much. Take care!”
Researcher, Duke University
"I hope you have a nice spring break. Thank you very much for your card. I really appreciated it. I really trust in your products and services."
Senior Scientist, NIH
“Thank you so much for your prompt response. I appreciate your kindness and the very help information. Your product has worked for me and your customer service is impressive. I would love to purchase products from BioSynthesis again in the future and will recommend you to my colleagues. Thanks again and wish you a happy weekend “
Xiaodi Chen, Abbott Laboratories
"outstanding quality. Further, I have recommended your company to several of my colleagues. Thank you ."
Researcher, Harvard Medical School"
“The peptides are working beautifully!”
Researcher, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
“I was so happy with the results that I shipped 3 additional samples last week. Can't wait to get those results too!”
Researcher, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
"The peptide I ordered produced a fabulous antibody and I am very pleased! I fully intend to use Bio-Synthesis's peptide services for my future work."
Researcher, Morphogenyx, Inc.
"We have been very satisfied with the quality of products and the service of Bio-Synthesis. As I am working with many peptides, I will be asking you for even more. I really appreciate your cooperation when we have needed peptides in a very short period."
Assistant Investigator, Baylor Institute for Immun
“I just ran a pilot experiment today after getting all my reagents. Your PNA probe works fantastic, better than I could have hoped for. Thanks”
Researcher, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
“We got the peptides and finally some good results. We are extremely happy with your prompt service, follow up and importantly good peptide quality. Hope we had found you folks earlier, would have saved us a lot more money and time”
Researcher, University of Virginia
"The peptides have been of excellent quality."
Researcher, Nichols Institute Diagnostics
"Thanks for your prompt attention and efforts to accommodate our needs. We really do appreciate it!! If all goes well, we will use your company exclusively for future orders. I'm already impressed."
Researcher, Investigen, Inc.
"I've had excellent results with the sera. Heidi and Amna were wonderful to work with. Our lab has two other projects ongoing with your company and we plan to continue to use Biosynthesis in the future. I've also recommended Amna's antibody production group to other groups that I collaborate with. Thank-you and keep up the good work."
Researcher, Pacific Northwest National Lab
"I have been a customer of Bio-Synthesis for many, many years and I am planning to continue doing business with you for many years to come. It is more a friendship than a business-based interaction, and I am extremely grateful for it."
Researcher, Georgetown University Medical Center
"Thank you for all of your assistance and correspondence with the several current and past projects I have had with Bio-Synthesis, Inc. In terms of providing customer service and support, I think that yours is exceptional. In terms of quality products, more than 90% of the antisera that I have had synthesized through you have been of outstanding quality. Further, I have recommended your company to several of my colleagues. Thank you."
Researcher, Harvard Medical School
"The peptides yielded the expected results. Many thanks for your efficient and reliable service."
Researcher, University of Oxford
"We received the oligos quicker than I anticipated and, as always, they were exactly as we ordered."
Researcher, University of Texas Medical Branch
"The oligos have worked consistently well and we have been very happy with the service."
Researcher, North Carolina State University
"My oligos arrived quickly and met all specifications."
Researcher, Rockefeller University