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Bio-Synthesis provides large scale DNA synthesis using specialized techniques capable of multi-gram DNA synthesis per lot including standard phosphodiester (PO) or phosphorothioate backbone. Large scale DNA and RNA hybrid synthesis using 2'OMe, 2'Fluoro, BNA (bridged nucleic acids) or incorporation of dye, spacers are also available. These large scale DNA oligos are often used for X-ray crystallography, NMR studies, manufacture of diagnostic kits and antisense experiments.

Our large scale DNA synthesis ranges from 50 mgs up to multi-grams, purified by HPLC and examined by analytical HPLC, PAGE, MALDI-TOF or ESI/LC/Mass spectrometry. Process development for large scale DNA synthesis under QSR manufacturing is also available.

Service Features:

  • Midscale to large scale synthesis per lot.
  • Phosphorothioate (PS), Phosphodiester (PO) or PO/PS backbone
  • Wide variety of oligo modifications
  • Deliver deprotected, desalted or purified
  • Sterilization/filtration, endotoxin testing, Na+ salt exchange, normalization and aliquoting is an option
  • Q.C. by HPLC, PAGE, MALDI-TOF or ESI/LC/Mass spectrometry
  • Customer-defined and controlled manufacturing process
  • Long-term pricing stability available through supply agreements

Custom large scale DNA Synthesis

Bio-Synthesis's large scale DNA synthesis manufacturing processes are driven by customer needs. Our scientific consultant will guide you through the transition from small batch to large scale DNA manufacturing. We provide a full range of final-fill, labeling and OEM solutions with services including but not limited to:

  • Customer-specified concentration formulations
  • Custom packaging
  • Third party labeling
  • Plate packaging
  • Stability programs
  • Functional QC

Price for Mid to Large scale Standard DNA Synthesis

Prices listed are for unmodified DNA oligonucleotides between 10 and 30 bases with a PO backbone. The price includes HPLC purification and diafiltration or diafiltration only. DNA oligos with unusual sequence compositions may affect pricing. If you have an unusual sequence composition, such as a poly-G or poly A stretch, or a sequence causing secondary structure formation, our nucleic acid specialists will contact you with final pricing before processing your order.

DNA Dialfiltration* HPLC Purified*
50 mgs $ 1,100 $ 1,300
100 mgs $ 1,250 $ 1,500
250 mgs $1,550 $ 2,100
500 mgs $ 2,000 $ 2,800
1000 mgs Inquire Inquire
>1000 mgs Inquire Inquire

* Prices may vary due to sequence composition

Specify Your Ordering

For information on pricing & ordering for large scale oligo synthesis, please supply us your project specifications in detail (e.g. foreseen application, desired type of oligo, level of purity, final yield, delivery format and level of documentation etc.), Bio-Synthesis will be able to provide an affordable price quotation based on a reasonable and cost-effective production process and provide our customer a long term stable pricing through a supply agreement.

Contact us through secure online system, write to us at call us at 800-227-0627.

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Ordering & Contact Information

  • Please contact us for additional information or send an email to
  • You may also request an online quote.
  • To contact us by phone, please call 1-972-420-8505 or Fax at 1-972-420-0442
  • Orders may be placed using a purchase order (PO) or by credit card through our secure online ordering system.
  • When using a credit card ( creditcard ) it will be billed under "Bio-Synthesis, Inc."