PNA Overview

Custom PNA Oligomer Synthesis

Bio-Synthesis provides fast and high-quality custom peptide nucleic acid (PNA) synthesis services and reagents through the use of automated robotics synthesis platforms and cutting-edge chemistries. Our end-to-end system is design to deliver quality peptide nucleic acid (PNA) reagents that are used as tools in several applications such as:

  • Antisense and antigen therapy
  • miRNA inhibitors
  • Molecular probes for diagnostics and detection
  • Tools for molecular biology and functional genomics

BSI delivers quality Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) probes that are synthesized to your specifications.
As always, every custom oligonucleotide synthesis is deprotected and desalted.

Newer generation DNA/RNA mimics:

Bio-Synthesis offers a new class of PNA oligo with improved quality than traditional PNA oligomer such as Gamma PNA (γPNA). This type of newer class of PNA base incorporation provide better features than conventional PNA. Whereas traditional PNA oligomers may provide several appealing features, due to its charge-neutral backbone, these traditional PNA oligomer is only moderately soluable in aqueous solution. Furthermore, it has a tendency to aggregate and adhere to surfaces and other macromolecules in a nonspecific manner.

These inherent challenge can be overcome by the use of gamma PNA into PNA synthesis and bioconjugation. γPNA takes the advantage of using charged amino acid residues, such as lysine to replace original glycyl backbone, thus generating a chiral center. This stereocener results in preorganization of the single-stranded γ-PNA into a right-handed helix, the modified bases enhanced PNA-DNA duplex stability, improved solubility, less self-aggregation, and flexibility for multi labeling, ideal for FISH application in diagnostic and drug discovery.

  • Greater affinity and sequence specificity than conventional PNAs
  • Greater strand invasion to any sequences from 0 to 100% G/C content
  • Permit functionalization at the γ position
  • Multiple labeling capability
  • Improved cell penetration and cellular uptake
  • Selectively inhibit restriction enzyme digestion
  • More water soluble and less aggregating than parental PNA oliogmers.
  • Ideal for FISH probe, drug discovery and nanotechnology.

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