With over two decades of combined experience and expertise in a wide range of chemical synthesis techniques, BSI is a one-stop source for synthesis solutions for clients worldwide. Our team of Ph.D. organic chemists have expertise in many varieties of chemistry from intermediates, reference compounds, and starting materials, to derivatives of lead compounds. BSI can meet your synthesis needs in the following areas:

  • Custom Synthesis from Milligram to Kilogram

    Since initial research laboratory productions are not suitable for preparing thousands of grams of target product, our staff will adapt and adopt a synthesis that best suits our clients' expectations

  • Scale-up from an Existing Production Process

    With demonstrated routes provided by our clients, our chemists can assist in identifying a process and developing steps for bulk manufacturing.

  • Research and Development Process Optimization

    Whether it is an expansion of an existing scalable process or patent development, BSI's professional staff can develop new and proprietary routes. Utilizing state-of-art technology, we offer design of experiments, real-time reaction profiles and total process development. BSI can assist clients in transferring their research laboratory projects to pilot productions.

Project Portfolios

  • Multi-Step Synthesis
  • Peptide Building Blocks
  • Inositol Phosphates
  • Imidazole Derivatives
  • Thiadiazolidinone Derivatives
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • Custom Bioconjugations
  • Lipids and Phospholipids
  • Patent Development
  • And Other Biologically Active Structures


Two types of custom organic synthesis are being offered by BSI:

Laboratory Custom Synthesis Projects

Under laboratory custom synthesis projects, our customer should provide literature, methods, or their own synthesis route(s), describing all steps in detail. The more information provided, the shorter the project timeline and the lower the cost. Our chemists will evaluate synthesis feasibility prior to the initiation of the projects, and provide an estimate of cost and delivery time.

Contract Research and Development

Contract research is undertaken when synthetic information is limited, the project scope is major, is needed for scale up efforts, patent portfolio development, or other purposes. In these cases, BSI will determine the best synthetic approach to meet the clients' priorities/needs. Prior to project execution, our staff chemists will conduct pilot runs to determine feasibility and an initial set-up fee will be charged. Once a pilot project is completed, a research agreement will be drawn up. All projects are conducted under strict confidentiality.

If you have any questions or for additional information, please contact us or send an email to info@biosyn.com.