Antibody Immobilization

Antibody Solid Support Immobilization

Custom coating by coupling of protein, peptide, antibodies to membranes, gel matrix and beads, have been used as tools in various applications such as bio-sensors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and microarrays. We can attach the antibody to agarose for isolation of proteins and other compounds from sera or cell and tissue homogenates by affinity chromatography for quantization. Our printing team, with extensive experience in microarray printing technology and system integration, can also provide custom array printing services. Our services include printing on our unique 3-D glass substrates, membranes or on any substrate of your choice.

For more information about our capabilities, please contact us. Our technical staff is also available to assist you in determining the type of production system that best meets your needs.

Antibody on Agarose

Chemistry: Standard immobilization of antibodies on cyanogen bromide (CNBr) activated agarose beads.

Specification: Varies

Procedure: CNBr activation of agarose beads followed by immobilization of antibodies.

Price: Standard price covers labor and materials including the cost of agarose beads, CNBr activation of agarose beads and antibody immobilization process.

Starting Materials: Affinity purified antibody.

Extra: Binding capacity of the immobilized antibody can be assessed for an additional fee. The client should provide relevant procedures and materials for binding capacity determination.

Antibody Array Immobilization and Analyses

Antibody arrays allow the comparison of protein abundances for hundreds of targets simultaneously, making it possible to characterize whole pathways, profile enzyme activities, identify biomarkers, and even study post-translational modifications. Bio-Synthesis offers complete array services from production of the arrays and sample preparation, to data acquisition and analysis - returning results to you in approximately 8-10 weeks.

A simple 5-step process:

  • Send your samples to Bio-Synthesis - Cell pellets, tissue, cell culture supernatant, serum
  • Array production - Antibody spotting
  • Sample preparation and probing - Protein extraction, labeling and sample incubation
  • Array analysis - Data acquisition and analysis
  • Results A complete, secure, and confidential report is returned to you

Sample Submission:

A wide range of samples can be submitted including, but not limited to, cell pellets, tissue, cell culture supernatants, serum and extracted proteins.

Volumes Required:

>1x106 cells, to provide >100 micrograms of total protein extract

>10 milligrams of tissue, to provide >100 micrograms of total protein extract

>20 microliters of serum

>100 micrograms of extracted protein.

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