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mRNA gene synthesis services
mRNA gene synthesis services

Synthetic or enzymatic mRNAs have been used to study protein-mediated mRNA recognition, mRNA export and translation, as well as mutation effects in protein-coding genes. More recently, mRNA-based drugs have been developped for cancer immunotherapy and Prophylactic Vaccines. The limitation of chemically synthesized mRNA longmer (>200 mer) at large quantity continues to be a synthesis bottleneck. In contrast, template directed mRNA synthesis by in vitro transcription up to thousands of bases is highly feasible.

Bio-Synthesis provides custom mRNA synthesis from plasmid-based template by in vitro transcription. mRNA can be generated from DNA templates provided by our customers or we can provide a full service from the ground up. Our mRNA services allow researchers to tailor synthesis and introduce modifications to produce transcripts which are optimal for downstream applications.

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mRNA Transcription Synthesis Services

  • Free Codon optimization Services.
  • Design and synthesis of mRNA templates using default pUC vector containing T7 promoter at the 5' end.
  • Cloning and sequencing verification of full length gene into pUC vector.
  • Linearization of sequence-verified plasmid.
  • mRNA transcripts modified with M7G or ARCA capping and >150 nts of 3' polya (A) tails.
  • DNase treatment to remove template DNA.
  • Dephosphorylation by phosphatase treatment.
  • Wide range of mRNA synthesis scales and modified bases.
  • Fully traceable ISO compliance documentation system.

Frequently asked questions

What type of mRNA capping do you provide?

We provide mCAP (m7G(5')ppp(5')G capping for all our standard mRNA transcripts. We also provide ARCA, anti-Reverse Cap Analogs (3' O-Me-M7G(5')ppp(5')G) as an option. ARCA can only be inserted in the proper orientation which leads to higher translation levels.

How many A's does polyadenylation add?

We incorporate polyadenylation by template driven enzymatic methods. These methods produce mRNA with a >150 nts long poly(A) tail which is often used to enhance translation efficiency.

Do you provide phosphatase treament?

Yes, phosphatase treatment is part of our standard mRNA transcription procedure. This triphosphates containing mRNA is a result of incomplete capping procedure. In some cases, it is necessary to remove 5'-triphosphate to reduce possible innate immune responses in mammalian cells.

What information do I need to provide when requesting mRNA transcript synthesis services?

When ordering mRNA transcript services, please provide information such as mRNA sequence, desired 5' and 3'-UTR sequence. You may also provide additional specifications for modified bases such as s5-meC, pseudouridine (ψ) or any others.

For mRNA plasmid templates provided to Bio-Synthesis, please supply 5 ug plasmid DNA and information such as:

  • Promoters
  • Linearization enzyme
  • Restriction site
  • Target sequence or length
  • Is recloning needed?
  • Plasmid map if possible