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Custom Peptide Array Services
Custom Peptide Array Services

Bio-Synthesis Peptide Array Services are based on advanced high-throughput peptide array platforms for the design and manufacture of large combinatorial arrays of peptides , peptidomimetics and peptide derivatives. Peptide arrays may be attached to solid supports or prepared unbound. Unbound peptides are delivered in 96 individual tubes or in 96-well plates. Each peptide array is individually tested for quality, purity and quantity to ensure batch to batch consistency. In addition, we also provide comprehensive downstream services such as epitope mapping, protein characterization or preparation of peptide libraries , which require milligram scale or purified peptides of >95% for your assay or proteomic applications.

Bio-Synthesis also offers online peptide array design tools to help generate different peptide arrays based on your specific requirements

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About Peptide Array

High-throughput peptide array synthesis offers an ideal solution for investigating protein to protein or protein to drug interactions. Screening peptides for potentially active compounds using peptide arrays is a convenient method for applications such as drug development. Based on your proteins of interest, Bio-Synthesis can design an appropriate peptide library and provide a custom peptide microarray for high-throughput screening.

Depending on the purpose of the screening, different array formats can be generated. Peptide synthesis is performed by automated instrumentation, and individual coupling reactions are followed by monitoring the fluorescence absorption of the Fmoc protecting group, as well as the colorimetric staining of the free amine on the spots. After the final cycle, peptides can be acetylated at the N-terminal and then side chain deprotected. The fidelity of the peptide synthesis is monitored by synthesizing a standard control peptide probed with a known antibody. Control peptides are synthesized and analyzed for purity by mass spectroscopy and HPLC. Peptides can be placed unbound on a plate, in individual tubes or attached to beads for Luminex assay applications.

Bio-Synthesis offers a wide range of custom peptide array services.
  • Epitope Mapping
  • Design your custom peptide array for a simple approach to mapping epitopes or other binding areas by a set of overlapping peptides from any protein sequence.

  • Substitution Analysis (Replacement Scan)
  • Substitution analysis of a peptide reveals critical amino acids or possible improvement of binding by amino acid exchanges. The standard peptide array for substitution analysis would be carried out by systematic substitution of the peptide amino acids by all natural amino acids. The use of other building blocks such as D-amino acids, unnatural amino acids, and other organic compounds is possible.

  • Truncation Analysis
  • Truncation analysis helps to discover the shortest possible sequence that retains the activity by systematically decreasing the length of a peptide of your interest from the C-terminus as well as from the N-terminus.

  • Random Peptide Library Screening
  • Synthesis of a random peptide library with your parameters or with one of our standard random peptide libraries with 1200 random 15mer or 12mer peptide sequences in order to identify bioactive peptides.

  • Combinatorial Peptide Library Screening
  • Combinatorial peptide libraries are useful tools for identification of bioactive peptides starting with a peptide library that represents all possible peptide sequences.

  • Cluster Peptide Library Screening
  • Peptide screening starts with a peptide library that consists of random sequences using amino acids clustered by their physiochemical properties (e.g. Asp+Glu, Ile+Leu). Peptide screening is an alternative and useful tool to combinatorial and random peptide library.

Applications of Peptide Library

Solid phase peptide synthesis, as well as other methods, that allow the creation of peptide libraries has been successfully used to prepare libraries for the following applications:

Peptide Array Synthesis Services

  • 5-250 nmole (higher scales available)
  • Up to 20 amino acids in length
  • No cross contamination
  • Biotin or fluorescein available
  • Lyophilized peptides in 96 individual tubes or a 96 well plate

Package 1: Mass spec of 10 peptides

Package 2: Mass spec of every peptide

Package 3: Mass spec and HPLC of every peptide

Bio-Synthesis offers seven powerful online peptide library design tools for you to generate large numbers of screening peptides, which involves epitope mapping, sequence optimization, and sequence stabilization. Epitope mapping requires the construction of overlapping peptide libraries, which can be customized by adjusting the fragment length and offset number for the optimum balance between low cost and high data value. In addition to overlapping peptide libraries, Bio-Synthesis offers additional peptide library screening service tools, featuring different strategies for sequence optimization.

Peptide Array Services

Overlapping Peptide Library: The generation of a peptide library by breaking the original protein or peptide into many equal-length overlapping fragments is used for linear epitope mapping, continuous epitope mapping, and T-cell epitope determination.

Alanine Peptide Scanning Library: The generation of peptide library in which alanine (Ala, A) is systematically substituted into each of the amino acids can be used to identify epitope activity.

Positional Peptide Library: A selected position in a peptide sequence is systematically replaced with different amino acids to show the effect on the substitute amino acid.

Truncation Peptide Library: Truncation peptide library is used to predict the minimum amino acid length required for optimum epitope activity.

Random Peptide Library: Constructed by randomly substituting selected positions on the original peptide and simultaneously with all other natural amino acids in a shotgun approach with a purpose to elucidate potential alternatives for enhanced peptide activity.

Scrambled Peptide Library: Scrambled peptide library is constructed by carrying out permutation on the original peptide's sequence. It has the potential to give all possible alternatives and offers the highest degree of variability for peptide library.

T-cell Truncated Peptide Libraries: Allows the testing of all possible T-cell epitopes across a protein of interest..

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