d2RNATM - Oligo by Transcription
oligonucleotide synthesis

In Vitro Transcribed Long RNA

The ability to synthesize target RNA, such as mRNA, in the laboratory is critical to certain molecular biology techniques and genomic studies including ribozyme and aptamer synthesis, RNA structure and processing analyses, RNA interference and antisense RNA techniques. Bio‑Synthesis is the only company that offers the full range of services to manufacture high quality ultra long RNA synthetically or by in vitro transcription from template options including Plasmids, PCR Products, oligonucleotides and cDNA. Whether you need research-grade RNA, a control template for molecular assays or a modified capped RNA, Bio‑Synthesis has the track record and expertise in providing high quality RNA, along with flexibility which is unmatched by other suppliers.

All d2RNATM, in vivo transcription RNA, are delivered fully purified using various purification options and quality checked including, but not limit to, DNA sequencing, DNA, RNA size checked by electrophoresis, or real-time PCR, qPCR analysis. Custom assay development and validation are also available upon request.

Final RNA oligos are delivered normalized and packaged lyophilized in an inert chemical matrix that inactivates trace RNase in the liquid phase, providing an added level of RNA stability during sample handling, with or without ice.

Long RNA by Transcription

While there has been significant demand for ultra long RNA oligonucleotides for gene structure and functional studies, the synthesis of long RNA fragments using the conventional RNA synthesis method is highly sequence-dependent. This is due to the potential for secondary structure formation and the inherent difficulty for chemical synthesis with additional 2'-OH reactive group of RNA introduces considerable complexity to the synthesis. Usually the conventional method can only synthesize RNA fragments under 100 bases. Bio‑Synthesis has met the challenge of synthesizing thousands of semi-synthetic long RNA, d2RNATM (3000 bases and more) using the best reagents available, proprietary methods to optimize the RNA manufacturing process, and the expertise in nucleic acid chemistry and molecular biology since 1984.

Each in vitro transcribed long RNA oligo is meticulously monitored during synthesis and controlled according to Bio-Synthesis’ stringent quality assurance and quality control standards. Each DNA template can be verified with bidirectional DNA sequencing in multiple locations. BSI’s Quality Control department will ensure the final product is verified and passes all standards.

For over 25 years, Bio‑Synthesis has maintained these gold standards for long RNA oligonucleotide synthesis that saves the researcher a great deal of time and trouble for applications that require direct synthesis of the entire target fragment such as mRNA.


These long oligos can be used in variety of molecular biology applications such as:

  • RNA control template for Real-Time PCR
  • Antisense technology
  • Internal controls for house-keeping genes
  • External RNA spike-in control assays
  • In-situ Hybridization RNA probes
  • Expression control via anti-sense RNA
  • RNA template for in vitro translation
  • RNA structural studies (Protein-RNA binding)
  • Ribozyme biochemistry
  • Aptamer discovery(SELEX)


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All Bio‑Synthesis RNA transcript oligos are purified under RNase free environment. Purification methods include:

  • Column based purification
  • Lithium chloride precipitation
  • Spin column chromatography
  • Phenol extraction followed by alcohol precipitation

Minimum Yield

Yield will vary based upon base composition, purification, oligo length, scale and modifications. That's why we have a set guaranteed quantity.

Guaranteed Quality

Each step of the RNA production process is carefully monitored, starting from oligonucleotide synthesis to DNA templates production. Each step is screened by mass spectrometry, agarose size check and bidirectional DNA sequencing in multiple locations. After transcription, the RNA is carefully checked using denaturing PAGE electrophoresis, Real-Time PCR and other additional custom assay developments as required by our customers.

If you are dissatisfied and report an oligo problem within 30 days of order receipt, we will gladly remake your oligo free of charge or provide a credit for the purchase amount.

All orders are shipped with a certificate of analysis and other fully traceable documentation.

RNA Long Oligonucleotide as Synthetic Pre-miRNA-Based shRNA

Bio‑Synthesis provides custom d2RNATM, in vitro transcribed long RNA (>3000 and more) and messenger RNA (mRNA) synthesis service and modifications with flexible synthesis scales for your individual research needs. The RNA probes produced at Bio‑Synthesis have been used as radio-labeled and nonisotopically labeled RNA probes in blot hybridization and nuclease protection assays. Modified RNA probes are used in various biochemical and molecular biology studies. d2RNA are also used as control template for gene expression analysis (microinjection, infection with viral transcripts, in vitro translation), structure analysis (protein-RNA binding), and RNA-based diagnostic testing and drug development.

d2RNA Service Highlights

  • Capped mRNAs or uncapped RNAs with different modifications
  • Multigrams quantity
  • Process scale-up and optimization
  • High yield in vitro transcripts from Plasmids, PCR Products, Oligonucleotides and cDNA
  • Multiple purification methods
  • Stringent quality control with optional custom assay development and validation
  • Delivered normalized and lyophilized
  • Ideal for gene functional analysis and the development of medical therapeutics

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Long RNA Denaturing-Agarose Gel

Left: Ambion’s Millennium Marker
Right: mecA RNA product

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