Custom Long DNA Oligo Synthesis
Custom Long DNA Oligo Synthesis

Long Oligo DNA Synthesis for Gene Expression

Bio-Synthesis offers high throughput long oligo synthesis services often used in control templates, cloning, mutagenesis, gene expression and other demanding applications. Our track record in providing thousands of high-fidelity long oligo synthesis up to 400 bases is unmatched. Long DNA Oligos are delivered deprotected, desalted to remove small molecular impurities, and PAGE purified for extremely high purity. Long DNA Oligos are delivered lyophilized and normalized guarantying yields of 5 or 10 nmole.

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Long Oligo Synthesis - DNA UbermerTM

While there has been significant demand for long oligos (150 mer and more), the yields in conventional DNA synthesis and the associated side reactions have previously limited the availability of oligonucleotides to lengths <150 nt. Bio-Synthesis's expertise in artificial gene synthesis provides us with the ability to synthesize thousands of single strand synthetic long DNA oligos using the best DNA synthesis reagents available and optimized long oligo synthesis protocols which permits high quality DNA Ubermer with superior coupling efficiency of > 99.5% through an entire DNA synthesis reaction. Each custom DNA long oligo is meticulously monitored during synthesis and controlled according to Bio-Synthesis’s stringent quality assurance and quality control standards. The final product is identified by LC-MS Electrospray, sequencing or other custom analytical methods. Purity is analyzed by high throughput capillary gel or PAGE electrophoresis.

For over 29 years Bio-Synthesis has maintained these gold standards for long DNA oligonucleotide synthesis that saves the researcher a great deal of time and trouble for applications that require direct synthesis of the entire target fragment.

Application of DNA Long Oligonucleotide

These long oligos can be used in variety of molecular biology application including but not limited to:

  • Cloning, gene construction and site directed mutagenesis
  • Preparation of shRNA libraries
  • Templates for RNA synthesis using in-vitro transcription
  • SNP synthetic positive control template for qPCR
  • Targeted resequencing
  • Other high complexity synthetic biology applications


All Bio-Synthesis's oligos include desalting and deprotection at no additional charge. We strongly recommend oligonucleotide longer than 50 bases to be purified by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). If you are unsure about the purification level you need for your research, see our technical bulletin titled What type of purification I need for my applications or contact us for assistance.


Unlike other suppliers, there is no additional charge for DNA Oligo Ubermer Synthesis.

Minimum Yield

Yield will vary based upon base composition, purification, oligo length, scale and modifications. That's why we have a set guaranteed quantity.

Guaranteed Quality

All custom oligo synthesis are routinely checked for length, purity, and composition. Long oligos are typically quality checked by PAGE, ESI-MS, and/or CE. Our global quality control capabilities include MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS), capillary electrophoresis (CE), and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). If you are dissatisfied and report an oligo problem within 30 days of order receipt, we will gladly remake your oligo free of charge or provide a credit for the purchase amount.

All orders are shipped with a Quality Assurance document that includes measured yields, melting temperature, MW and µg/OD with every oligo.

Ultra Long Oligo Synthesis

Bio-Synthesis provides synthesis of oligo extendamer and modification with flexible synthesis scales for your individual research needs. These long oligo are suitable applications such as cloning or side-directed mutagenesis. Longer constructs that required more choices like palindromes for restriction enzymes give researchers more flexibility. DNA Ubermers are also used as an internal control template with or without certain SNP's and has been use in amplification reactions like Real-Time PCR and qPCR.

Specifications of DNA UbermerTM

  • Synthesis of up to 400 bases
  • All desalted or/and purified by gel purified
  • QC by Sequencing
  • Delivered normalized and lyophilized in tubes or plates
  • Ideal for gene construction, targeted resequencing, control templates and other complex synthetic biology

* Yields: Sequence complexity results in reduce yield

Available Modifications

Modifications Oligo Ubermer PAGE Ubermer-in-Plate Oligo
5' Phosphorylation $55.00 25
5' Biotin Inquire for Pricing $30
5' Amino Modifier C6 Inquire for Pricing $20
5' Amino Modifier C12 Inquire for Pricing $40
5' deoxyInosine $12 $5
5' deoxyUridine $12 $5
Int deoxyInosine $12 $5
Int deoxyUridine $12 $5
Phosphorothioate Bond Inquire for Pricing $5
2' O-Methyl RNA bases Inquire for Pricing $13.5
3' Ribo A Inquire for Pricing $50
3' Ribo C Inquire for Pricing $50
3' Ribo G Inquire for Pricing $50
3' Ribo U Inquire for Pricing $50
3' Amino Modifier Inquire for Pricing $40
5' 5-Methyl dC Inquire for Pricing $80
5' 5-Methyl dC Inquire for Pricing $80
Int 5-Methyl dC Inquire for Pricing $80
3' Phosphorylation Inquire for Pricing $45
Int Spacer 18 Inquire for Pricing $80

Ordering & Contact Information

  • Please contact us for additional information or send an email to info@biosyn.com.
  • You may also request an online quote.
  • To contact us by phone, please Call 972-420-8505 (USA) 800-227-0627 (INTL.) or Fax 972.420.0442
  • Orders may be placed using a purchase order (PO) or by credit card through our secure online ordering system.
  • When using a credit card ( creditcard ) it will be billed under "Bio-Synthesis, Inc."