Powering Drug Delivery through Bioconjugation

The ability to create functional biomolecules through bioconjugation has affected every discipline of life sciences. As new cross-linking techniques and reagents are developed, novel applications in ligand discovery, disease diagnosis, and high throughput screening are being advanced through the development of new unique bioconjugates. These methods owe their existence to the discovery of chemoselective reactions that enable bioconjugation under physiological conditions.

Bio-Synthesis, a leading biology CRO, focuses exclusively on early drug discovery and development services. Relying on our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and over 30 years of combined experience in complex API conjugate technologies, our bioconjugation-based drug discoveries and development programs have delivered thousands of hybrid complexes that are supported by our in-house bioanalytical laboratory with a full spectrum of analytical tools capable of producing technically challenging yet safe and efficacious drug conjugates. From project scope analysis and problem solving proposals, to complex biopolymer production and assay development, we strive with competence and confidence to meet your demand for creating novel conjugates that can be quickly and cost-effectively added to your value chain.

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Our Advantages

  • Superior technical support: assist client from design to delivery
  • Success rate greater than 95%
  • Full spectrum of labeling services: fluorescent dyes, non-fluorescent dyes, redox, nanoparticles, enzymes, and custom-made/user supplied small drug compounds
  • Flexible technologies: employing solid, liquid phase, and microwave technologies
  • Optimized chemistries: expertise in hundreds of cross linking modifications, activations and conjugations with reactive cross linkers and optimized labeling ratio at client's request
  • Guaranteed quality: all samples are carefully monitored for stability and characterized to ensure batch to batch consistency

Our Custom Bioconjugation Services

We offer personalized solutions for custom conjugation of small molecules such as drugs, metabolites, and labeled compounds with synthetic or natural polymers for specific applications. Our conjugation services include:

  • Antibody modification and custom conjugation
  • Cross linking peptides
  • Cross linking protein
  • Fluorescent custom bioconjugation
  • Avidin-biotin system
  • Enzyme modifications and bioconjugation
  • Dendrimers and Dendrions
  • Liposome conjugates and derivatives
  • Bifunctional chelating agents/Radioimmunoconjugates
  • Chemoselective ligation: bioorthogonal reagents
  • Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC)
  • Biomolecule–drug conjugation
  • Biomolecule-drug-target ligand conjugation
  • Biomolecule–radioligand–target ligand conjugation
  • Cross linking oligo, DNA, RNA, siRNA and nucleic acid analogs
  • Reagents: Biotinylation, Iodination, Silane Coupling, Discrete PEG Reagents
  • Macrosphere, nano-particle (gold-labeled) and any surface immobilization
  • Development and optimization of key properties of therapeutic proteins for in vitro and in-vivo performance

At Bio-Synthesis, custom bioconjugation reagents are manufactured under a strict quality control process to assure customers' complete satisfaction. Our sizeable investment in state-of-the-art analytical equipment provides industry-leading tools to develop and monitor our process. Complementary techniques, such as analytical chromatography and electrophoresis, are routinely used to verify that specifications are met. Sometimes, if the biopolymer is not too massive, mass spectroscopy can be used to determine its molecular weight. However, unless a crystal structure is available or a single unique functional group was used for custom conjugation, it may be difficult to know the exact conjugation site and the molar ratio of the reactants. Because of this complexity and difficulty, the effort required assessing the composition and purity of a bioconjugate depends largely on the requirements of downstream research. At Bio-Synthesis, we strive to meet your demands for developing pre-clinical drug candidates and innovative reagents.

Application of Bioconjgation

  • Sensitive detection methods
  • Diagnostic agents
  • In vivo targeting of molecules
  • Modulation of specific biological processes
  • Purification, detection or location of specific substances
  • Novel adjuvants
  • Therapeutic APIs: Vaccines and antibody-drug conjugates