Build upon 29 years of innovative peptide synthesis expertise, Bio-Synthesis is one of the world's largest suppliers of high quality bioactive synthetic peptides, enzyme substrates and inhibitors for immediate experimental needs. We are strongly committed to our customers and continue to add new catalog peptides routinely. Why wait? Its inventory-ready for immediate use.

Quality Control - Quality Assurance

Bio-Synthesis guarantees the best available quality for all its peptides. We follow stringent, precise procedures to ensure complete identification and very high purity. Every product must conform to strict analytical specifications before sales and shipment. Of course, a specific analytical data sheet of each batch is sent with every product. All bioactive peptides are quality checked by HPLC, amino acid analysis and mass spectrometry.

We most probably have your peptide. If you can't find your product, please contact us or send an email to info@biosyn.com


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