Biopolymer-Biopolymer Conjugations

Biopolymer-biopolymer conjugates has been used for a wide variety fo biomedical applications. These biomolecules can be synthesize in Bio-Synthesis or provide by you with reactive functional group e.g. reactive thiol moiety to form the biopolymer-biopolymer conjugate. This site-specific reaction of the biopolymer conjugates (therapeutic agent) increase the stability of the therapeutic agent upon delivery to the desired site.

We can design, sythesize and conjugate these bioreagent based on the specification of our clients. Molecules we work with include antibodies and their fragments, proteins (soluble and membrane proteins), enzymes, nucleic acids and their analogs, peptides and peptidomimetics, fluorescent compounds, biotin and avidin/streptavidin, PEG polymers, and other biologically active molecules.

Peptides and peptidomimetics
Antibodies and antibody fragments
Lipid, carbohydrate
Cancer Drug Conjugation
Polymer-Drug Conjugates
Nanoparticle–Aptamer Bioconjugates (Cancer Targeting)
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Custom Bioconjugation
Peptide-Oligonucleotide conjugates
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