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Custom Assay Development

As researchers approach the developing field of genomics with custom DNA/peptide based assays, the need for microarray services or productions that maximize flexibility and precision, without compromising speed and cost, has become critical. In order to meet the demands for custom microarraying, BSI offers a complete suite of microarray services, which includes:

  • Experimental design consultation, provide expert support with DNA/peptide sequence selection, microarray chip layout design, and quality control.
  • Synthesis chemistry of custom DNA, RNA, peptide or hybrid oligos with backbone modifications such as phosphorothioate for antisense study, or nucleotide modifications
  • Flexible chip fabrication, which allow fine-tune client's probe sets for high-density custom microarrays.
  • Target sample labeling and hybridization
  • Other related services DNA/RNA Extraction, RNA quality check, Real-Time PCR, Western blot.
  • BioInformatic data analysis

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Quality Control

Replicated spots and slides are used to monitor technical variations. In addition, pre-scanning with fast dye staining is conducted to make sure the spot size and morphology meet expectations. Sometimes a test hybridization is conducted, if needed. Using similar high-precision printing technology, the peptides or proteins can be spotted on membrane-coated glass slides. Using different detection technologies, recombinant proteins/antibodies, cell lysate or serum samples can be quantitatively assayed. This has wide applications in protein-protein interaction studies, including antigen-antibody recognitions, kinase-substrate bindings, pathway analysis, biomarker screenings, and much more.

Services highlight

  • DNA/Peptide selection and modification
  • sample to data full service