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Oregon Green® Fluorophores Labeling

There are different possibilities for labeling fluorescein dye to an oligonucleotide:

Oregon Green, an alternative to fluorescein with greater photostability and higher fluorescence }

This compound requires amino- or thiol- linker with a 6-Carbon spacer arm or by substituting any thymidine with 5-C6-Amino-2'-deoxythymidine for internal labeling, a double HPLC purification is required.

Contact your Account Representative for pricing on rhodamine dye labeled oligonucleotides. For additional information, please Contact us.

Price/labeling, purification and synthesis is an additional charge

Dyes Scales Label position
5' Int 3'
Oregon Green® 488, 5- Isomer 250 nmol $200 $256 $225
1.0 µmol $280 $334 $300
Oregon Green® 488, 6- Isomer 250 nmol $200 $256 $225
1.0 µmol $280 $334 $300
Oregon Green® 514 250 nmol $200 $256 $225
1.0 µmol $280 $334 $300

Desalt or cartridge (RP1) purification is acceptable for most common phosphoramidite modifiers. However, additional purification is strongly recommended for modifiers that require NHS-ester chemistry to conjugate a dye through an amine linker such as Molecular Probes dyes.

Minimum Guarantee Purified Yield

Due to the chemistry of many modifications, yield will be approximately 40 - 60 % less than a standard oligo. Please see our yield chart for details.

Quality Controls
Every oligo synthesized is strictly controlled for quality by using either MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) analysis. Final yields are determined using UV absorbance at OD260 In addition, we perform QC methods tailored to specific modifications, such as OD ratio measurement where appropriate.

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