Syndyphalins are enkephalin-like synthetic tripeptides with analgesic action 1,2.

Kiso, et al., in 1981, synthesized tripeptide hydroxyalkylamide derivatives in order to obtain more stable and potent ENK analogues and reported that a simple peptide, Tyr-D-Met(O)-Gly-MePheol, named 'syndyphalin(SD)-25' was 23300 times and 9 times as active as morphine in the in vitro assay using guinea pig ileum and in the tail flick analgesic test after administration, respectively 3.

Structural Characteristics
Syndyphalin-33: Tyr-D-Met(O)-Gly-MPA; (Tyr-D-Met(O)-Gly-N-methylphenethylamide;Syndyphalin-25: Tyr-D-Met (O)-Gly-MePheol.

Mode of Action
The ability of naloxone to block SD33-stimulated growth hormone (GH) secretion suggests that this peptide acts via µ­opiate receptors 1.

A simple tripeptide alkylamine, syndyphalin 33 (SD33, Tyr-DMet (O)-Gly-methylphenethylamide) was shown to stimulate GH secretion in sheep, hogs and rats following peripheral administration 1.SD-25 possesses potent central nervous system actions closely similar to those of morphine, but its effect on blood pressure and respiration is weaker than that of morphine 2.



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