Dendrimer Oligonucleotide Synthesis

There are many benefits of using plain and mixed oligonucleotide dendrimers. Applications based on the use of oligo dendrimers are derived from the high density and the large number of groups on the periphery. Dendrimers with a positively charged surface interact strongly with nucleic acids, helping to transport them through the membranes of cells2; dendrimers with internal cavities interact non-covalently with guest molecules to give guest-host systems3. Dendrimeric oligonucleotides4 have been used to amplify radioactive or fluorescent signals in the non-radioactive assays, where signal is limited by the surface density of the oligonucleotides or the target molecule.

Bio-Synthesis provides plain or mixed oligonucleotide dendrimers using a set of branching modifier consist of symmetric, asymmetric doublers and symmetric trebler. that allow dendritic oligonucleotide to be constructed from interconnected synthetic monomeric subunits which open ways to 2D or 3D structures.

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Two strategies for the synthesis of oligonucleotide dendrimers are possible: Divergent - with the structure growing from the center to the periphery; and Convergent - with growth from the periphery to the center. The number of branches generated at each step determines the number of repetitive steps necessary to build up the desired molecule and the density of groups at the periphery. The groups or moieties on its outer shell determine the properties of the molecule. The dendrimeric modifiers we use permit the synthesis of a dendrimeric structure on top of a conventional monomeric oligonculeotide, as well as directly on the solid support at 3' end. The monomeric and the dendrimeric sequence segments can be prepared with different lengths and different orientation by using 3' or 5' oligonucleotide synthesis chemistry.

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Symmetric Doubler 2DNA

The symmetric doubler produces branches with the same oligo sequence.

Symmetric Doubler 2DNA
Symmetric Trebler 3DNA

The symmetric doubler produces branches with the same oligo sequence

Symmetric Trebler 3DNA Symmetric Trebler 3DNA

Different generations of dendrimeric oligonucleotides

dendrimeric oligonucleotide

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