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November 06, 2009
RNA purification is of critical importance in the preparation of samples for use in several applications including cDNA library construction, gene expression assay, in vitro translation, microarrays, Northern blot analysis, nuclease protection assays, real-time quantitative PCR, reverse transcription PCR, RNA mapping etc. Low quality RNA may strongly compromise the experimental results of these applications which are often labor-intensive, time-consuming, and highly expensive.

Bio-Synthesis Inc. has launched the RNATotalTM Purification kit which can alleviate all challenges faced by researchers in obtaining quality RNA purification at unbelievably low price.

RNATotalTM does not require phenol extraction step.
  • It can extract total RNA including large messenger RNA (mRNA), small interfering (siRNA) RNA and microRNA from all samples.
  • It can extract RNA from as little as a single cell and does not require a carrier to extract RNA.
  • It can extract total RNA from all kinds of specimens including cultured cells, tissues, blood, serum, plasma, bacteria, yeast, fungi, plants and viruses.

This has been made possible by a proprietary technology used in manufacturing these kits. The kits are available in both column as well as 96-well format.

Besides RNA, Bio-Synthesis also has other sample purification kits for DNA and protein.