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IQ4 Quencher New Product Release
February 07, 2013
Bio-Synthesis Inc. Announces a Superior IQ4 quencher for Dual Labeled Oligonucleotides

Bio-Synthesis, Inc., a leading biotech supplier of chemical biology reagents, is proud to announce Instant Quenchers™, a better alternative to BHQ 1, 2 and 3 for oligonucleotides.

Dual labeled oligonucleotides are commonly used to monitor the kinetics of PCR amplification and other biological processes in real time. In one version of this method, the oligonucleotides are designed to hybridize to the 3’ side (“downstream”) of an amplification primer so that the 5'-3' exonuclease activity of a polymerase digests the 5’ end of the probe, cleaving off one of the dyes. The fluorescence intensity of the sample increases and can be monitored as the probe is digested during the course of amplification.

In recent years TAMRA, as well as other fluorescent acceptor molecules in dual labeled probes, have been replaced with a growing family of dark quencher molecules such as our IQ™, Instant Quencher™ family of dyes. Quenchers are a class of chromophores which, instead of emitting absorbed fluorescence resonance energy as light, have the useful property of transforming the light energy into heat. This type of probe design can greatly simplify many fluorescence assays since there is no background fluorescence.

Fourth generation Instant Quenchers™, or IQ4™, have unique fluorescence quenching properties with an operational range between 500 nm and 700 nm and can therefore be utilized in multiplexed assays pairing IQ-4 quencher dye with different fluorophores. IQ4 can be used at either end, as well as an internal substitution during standard oligo synthesis. Bio-Synthesis offers customized oligonucleotides using IQ4, as well as other modifications, for researchers worldwide.

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