Custom Oligo Arrays
Custom Oligo Arrays

BSI is unique in that we our own internal engineers, maintenance support and technical staff available 24/7 for our own proprietary stat-of-the-art  DNA synthesis instrumentation . We are always ready to meet your high-throµghput oligo synthesis in the following format and configurations:

  • All oligos are deprotected, desalted,ready-to-use
  • 48 well, 96 well plates
  • Scale: 20 nmole
  • Sequence between 10-30 bases
  • Deliver oligo in solution, or lyophilized format
  • QC by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and/or PAGE, HPLC analysis
  • Spreadsheet reporting with, sequence, lot#, MW, µg/OD
Quality Assurance:

All of our high-throughput oligo are under go strict quality control either by MALDI-TOP mass spectrometry or poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) analysis. Spread sheet quality assurance certificate include, sequence, lot#, mw, µg/OD. We guarantee all oligo sequences as customers have specified.

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