Custom Hybrid Oligonucleotide
Custom Hybrid Oligonucleotide

Synthetic molecules that can bind with high sequence specificity to a chosen target in a gene sequence are of major interest in medicinal and biotechnological contexts. These molecules show promise for the development of gene therapeutic agents, diagnostic devices for genetic analysis, and as molecular tools for nucleic acid manipulations.

Our experience in oligo chimera synthesis allows us to offer the synthesis of a chimera at competitive prices and quick turnaround.

BSI offers synthesis of the following hybrid chimeric BNA products with the following possible combinations:

Possible Combination
  DNA RNA 2'O-Me- RNA 2'-F-RNA Constrained Nucleotide BNA Peptide
DNA     X * X * X * X * X X
RNA X *     X * X * X * X X
2'-O-Me- RNA X * X *     X * X * X X
2'-F-RNA X * X * X *     X * X X
Constrained Nucleotide X * X * X * X *     X X
BNA X * X * X * X * X *   X
Peptide X * X * X * X * X * X  
  • *PO - phosphodiester; PS - phosphorothioate, MPN - methylphosphonate
  • *Guarantee is for 20 mers or longer. Shorter oligos may have fewer ODs.
  • Please refer to our large-scale services for quantity >10 gram