5-Methylcytosine, 5-Methyl-Cytidine or 5-Me-C is a methylated form of  RNA minor base analog are oftern found in DNA and in some celluar RNAs. 5-methylcytosine is a post-transcriptional RNA modification that are often found in tRNs adn rRNAs, and in mRNAs. 5-methyl-Cytidine modified RNA oligonucleotide are often use study celluar RNA activities, enzymatic acitivity, catalytic machanism and RNA-recognition specificty of the corresponding RNA. Modified RNA oligonucleotide with 5-methyl C can be used effectively to enhance base pariing and increase hybridization due to the hydrophobic nature of the groups at the C-5 position which helps to exclude water molecules from the duplex and therefore raise melting temperature for about 1.3 oC per substitution. 5-Me-C (5mC) modified RNA oligonucleotide also have desireable effect on antisense oligonucleotides, Potential improvements would include: the ability to use shorter oligos when sequence information is incomplete; higher melting temperatures, which should minimize the frequency of mutations; and enhanced binding, which should break any secondary structure in the target.

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5-Methylcytosine, 5-Methyl-Cytidine, 5-Me-C Oligonucleotide Modification


Modified RNA Bases

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[5-Me-C], [5mC]

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Room Temperature

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-20°C To -70°C
Oligonucleotides are stable in solution at 4°C for up to 2 weeks. Properly reconstituted material stored at -20°C should be stable for at least 6 months. Dried DNA (when kept at -20°C) in a nuclease-free environment should be stable for years.