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The use of analytical characterization methods ensures the identity, purity, structural and conformational integrity and activity of a protein product. Bio-Synthesis performs a number of routine protein characterization services throughout all project stages. These methods are offered as dedicated services as well. If needed, additional methods of protein characterization can be used. Furthermore, specialized protein characterization methods can be employed for purified proteins.

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Protein Characterization/Analysis of Raw material to Final Protein Products

Bio-Synthesis offers analysis of raw, Intermediate, and final protein product using various protein characterization techniques. Our protein and antibody analysis services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE, native-PAGE, IEF-PAGE, urea-PAGE)
  • Western or dot blots
  • Enzyme activity assay by light absorbance or fluorescence
  • ELISA (direct or sandwich)
  • Protein assays (A280, BCA or equivalent)
  • Antibody isotyping
  • Endotoxin measurement (LAL assay)
  • Contaminating DNA assay
  • UV-Vis absorption spectrum
  • Mass spectrometry

After the protein product has been isolated or identified, Bio-Synthesis assists you with protein sample preparation for further analysis of your protein using following platform

  • Amino acid analysis
  • N-terminus analysis (Edman protein sequencing)
  • Protein identification and analysis by mass-spectrometry
  • Extinction coefficient determination

Additional Protein Characterization Services

  • Analytical size exclusion chromatography (SEC for native MW estimate and aggregation analysis)
  • Analytical ion-exchange chromatography (oxidation or other modifications)
  • UV-Vis light absorption spectroscopy
  • Analysis of oxidation, degradation and aggregation products
  • Protein deglycosylation analysis
  • Protein/protein interactions by co-immunoprecipitation, spectroscopy, chromatography or ELISA
  • Binding site characterization (n, Bmax, Kd, Hill coefficient) via ELISA
  • Enzyme steady state kinetics (Km and Vmmax) via ELISA
  • Inhibitor characterization - type of inhibition, IC50 and Ki determination

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  • Protein Genetic Engineering and Protein Expression
  • Production of Protein Raw Materials
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  • Assays and Assay Development