2' Fluoro RNA oligonucleotides contain a fluorine molecule at the 2' ribose position (instead of a 2'-hydroxyl group in an RNA monomer). The main benefit is increased binding affinity (Tm) and nuclease resistance. Fluoro RNA and standard RNA bases share similar properties which allow 2'-F RNA to form stable duplexes with RNA targets. Furthermore, the stability of 2' Fluro RNA-RNA duplexes is higher than normal RNA-RNA duplexes by about 1-2 degrees-C per each substitution. 
Replacement of 2'-hydroxyl group with 2'-fluoro has also shown to be more stable for chemical hydrolysis at high pH as compared with internucleotide linkages in unmodified RNA oligonucleotides. 
2' fluoro modified bases can be purified using standard DNA purification methods. However, yields may vary depending on the oligonucleotide design. 

Product Information


Product Name:

2' Fluoro RNA Modification

Alternate Name:

2' F RNA


Backbone Modified RNA

Modification Code:

[fA],[fC],[fU], [fG]


Bio-Synthesis Inc. Oligo Structure



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Shipping Conditions:

Room Temperature

Storage Conditions:

-20°C To -70°C
Oligonucleotides are stable in solution at 4°C for up to 2 weeks. Properly reconstituted material stored at -20°C should be stable for at least 6 months. Dried DNA (when kept at -20°C) in a nuclease-free environment should be stable for years.


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