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Useful RNA Databases

RNA databases contain sequences and useful tools for the analysis of RNA molecules and to enhance RNA research.

RNAcentral -  RNAcentral About-us

The non-coding RNA sequence database : a comprehensive ncRNA sequence collection representing all ncRNA types from a broad range of organisms.

RNAcentral is a free, public resource that offers integrated access to a comprehensive and up-to-date set of non-coding RNA sequences provided by a collaborating group of Expert Databases representing a broad range of organisms and RNA types.

Functional RNA Database  ncRNA

Bioinformatic Tools and Databases for Functional RNA analysis

Rfam   Rfam

The Rfam database is a collection of RNA families, each represented by multiple sequence alignments, consensus secondary structures and covariance models (CMs) covering non-coding RNA genes, structured cis-regulatory elements and self-splicing RNAs.

RNA sequences  RNAseq

A large collection of tools and sequences.

MicroRNA database mirbase

A searchable database of published miRNA sequences and annotation.

The RNA Modification Database  RNA Modifications

A comprehensive listing of posttranscriptionally modified nucleosides from RNA

tRNAdb  trnadb

Compilation of tRNA sequences and tRNA genes.

Yeast snoRNA Database  snoRNAs

Small Nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) from the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. A comprehensive database of S. cerevisiae H/ACA and C/D box snoRNAs, with numerous links to snoRNA and other databases.

The 3D rRNA modification maps database  3DrRNAMod

The 3D maps database allows visualization of modification sites in the five ribosome and mRNA and tRNAs for several model organisms and permits users’ construction of 3D maps for other organisms.

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