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Design and development of curcumin bioconjugate as antiviral agent

Diwakar Rai
Nucleic Acid Symposium Series 52 599-600

A number of curcumin bioconjugates with fatty acid, dipeptide and folic acid, viz. di-O-decanoyl curcumin (2), di-O-tryptophanylphenylalanine curcumin (3), di-O-bis- (γ,γ) folyl curcumin (4), C4-ehyl-O-γ-folyl curcumin (5) and 4-O-ethyl-O-γ-folyl curcumin (6) have been synthesized. Conjugates 2-6 have shown good antiviral property with EC50 ranging between 0.019-0.105 µM against a wide range of viruses, like HIV, HSV, VSV and many others.