Large-scale production of capped RNA as a service

During the past decades, multiple laboratories developed messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has made them now a clinical reality. Current events have shown that mRNA vaccines can rapidly and safely protect patients from infectious diseases. In addition, synthetic mRNA enables the development of a broader range of therapeutic drugs as well. However, additional research is required to optimize the design of mRNA-based vaccines, their intercellular delivery, and their uses beyond SARS-CoV-2 prevention.

Modern synthesis methods and protocols now allow the production of large-scale mRNA-based products. With advances made in "in vitro transcription" (IVT) technology and the development of delivery vehicles, mRNA can now be packaged in lipid delivery vehicles to penetrate cell membranes more easily. A standard method of cell delivery is packaging mRNA into polymeric- and lipid-based nanoparticles. All these improvements have increased the demand for synthetic mRNA as therapeutics for human diseases.

Potential mRNA drugs include vaccines against infectious agents and cancers, cancer therapy, the treatment of genetic disorders, regenerative therapeutics, and their use in immunotherapies.

Biosynthesis Inc. offers affordable custom synthesis of mRNA (up to several kbs), including modifications. Our in-house enzymes generate very high cap-1 efficiency, ensuring the highest translation level with a minimum generation of immunogenicity. Furthermore, Biosynthesis Inc. provides synthetic mRNA in amounts ranging from micrograms to grams.

Our service includes:

• Design, synthesis, and sequence verification of mRNA templates using default pUC vector.

• Adding cap-1 (m7GmrN) cap and polyA tail to increase mRNA stability and translation efficiency.

• Reduces host cell immune response by incorporating modified nucleotides (5mCTP and ψUTP).

• DNase treatment to remove DNA template.

• Purification using oligoT agarose bead.

• Wide range of synthesis scales (from ug to multi-gram).

• Fully traceable ISO compliance documentation system.


• PAGE gel to confirm the size and purity of mRNA.

ESI-MS mass spectrometry to confirm cap-1 efficiency (optional).


 BioSynthesis provides biotinylated and capped mRNA as a full spectrum of high quality custom oligonucleotide synthesis of long and circular oligonucleotides, including services of back-bone modifications, conjugation to fatty acids, biotinylation by direct solid-phase chemical synthesis or enzyme-assisted approaches to obtain artificially modified oligonucleotides, such as BNA antisense oligonucleotidesmRNAs or siRNAs, containing a natural or modified backbone, base, sugar and internucleotide linkages.