How to prepare my antibody for oligo conjugation?

Antibody Submission Format

High quality starting material is critical for generating top quality antibody-oligo conjugates, and we recommend following certain guidelines. It is important to remember that antibodies formulations often contain substances other than antibody; minimally a buffer, and possibly other proteins and additives to stabilize and preserve the antibody. These antibody buffers and additives can interfere with the labeling process and therefore must be removed prior to conjugation. It may be necessary to purify or buffer exchange the antibody prior to labeling. The Bio-Synthesis Scientific group are able to review individual antibody formulations and advise on how to obtain optimal labeling for each project.

Please submit your antibody in this format:

  1. > 2 mg/ml in 0.05 M PBS buffer, pH 7.2-7.4, containing 0.15 M NaCl, no additives, sterile filtered, overnight shipping on ice packs (no dry ice)
  2. > 2 mg/ml in 0.05 M PBS buffer, pH 7.2-7.4, containing 0.15 M NaCl, 50% glycerol, no other additives, overnight shipping on ice packs or dry ice

The antibody will need to be purified. The antibody will also need to be in amine free buffer (ie no Tris) and free of additives that may interfere with the labeling process such as azide and gelatine. Again our technical team will be only too happy to advise on individual formulations.


Our price includes oligonucleotide synthesis, functionalization and purification. We strongly recommended that the customer provides us with the oligo sequence and allows us to provide the manufacturing of a high quality oligonucleotide for you. Recommended Oligo size – 10 to 50mer

Shipping Instruction:

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